Is Bitcoin in Zimbabwe Really Trading At $76K?

News has just circulated world-wide that Bitcoin in Zimbabwe is trading at $76K. I dig into the article to find out whether there is some validity, or whether this report is Fake News.

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6 Responses

  1. Saw a vid the other day, canโ€™t remember by whom, were the exchange rate form USD to Zimbabwe dollars was 10000-1 on black market and 1000-1 on the govt exchange basically stealing 90% of your money. Itโ€™s crazy

  2. I think we should see a spike, however Iโ€™m not sure that bitcoin is that far spread at the moment.

  3. Whats your opinions on using P2P platforms > decentralised exchanges? And do you think we will see Bitcoin adoption grow in Zimbabwe as a result of the foreign currency ban?

  4. Bitcoin was $350 in 2016 (I don’t go further back in time when it was a few dollars) and right now above $10500. So if somebody bought 1000$ bitcoin in 2016 now they have $33,000 and counting for that one investment. Keep saying it’s a scam and your paper money that loses value every day is not a scam. So the best way to own Bitcoin now is to trade and as a newbie you might loose your asset trading without a proper understanding of the market but with Mr Ferdinand Lawson method you are sure to always start up well even if you are new to Bitcoin. Mr. Ferdinand method is for both basic and advance trader and I will urge everyone in this community to contact him through ( start your financial freedom today

  5. Hiya Beau loving your economic and politics channel its all connected. Can you do a video about the Bail in laws in the EU and UK and if the laws are any different and how Brexit might differ the rules in each? i think the EU and euro will come under immense pressure and many more countries needing Bail outs Bail ins ?? could be an interesting Video?

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