Insight: The African Union – Part II

Morocco has re-joined the African Union and now a continent wide currency is being discussed.

And Chinese investment across the African continent continues to play a major role in African economic development.





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10 Responses

  1. Africa needs China to remain as an ally in their capacity as a permanent member of the Security Council.

  2. Hypocrite so called self anointed western people,let informed them, brown people who called them self white, because don’t like they skin which God gave to them selfish people, never China’s can colonize Africa,this will not take place in africa,sorry even the blind and lame will not give China’s chances

  3. China has been friends with Zambia since long time. In 70s 80s Chinese were still poor at a time as Zambia was. But they can to our aid when the western world was in agreement with Rhodesian Smith and South African governments to isolate Zambia from international markets by blocking the way to the ports in Namibia, South Africa and Beira in Mozambique. There was suffering in the country, as Zambia could not trade. (We are a landlocked nation) But China came to the aid of Zambians by building Tanzania Zambia Railways (TAZARA) so Zambia can gain access to the port in Zanzibar. China understands the pain of being colonised by imperialists. They had strong empire which was destroyed by the western insatiable hunger for power of domination. They fought the battle to free themselves from being destroyed by Opium a drug which was introduced to China by the West in exchange with silk China wear tea spices etc. Population could not function due to addiction to Opium. The famous Opium War of China. Can China come back today to Zambia with a hidden agenda to grabbing this country from Zambians? Or they have come as a brother they have always been, to help us see the light at the end of tunnel? (Zambia today is not landlocked but landlinked because of China) I don’t want to believe that!
    We have God Almighty who sees the deepest thoughts of man. I leave this judgement to Him alone.

  4. white man propaganda …..what did you do to my mum africa…looting and kililing terrorist of the world

  5. Affrica only needs to depend on Africans any type of foreign involvement will in the long run hurt Africa and its future.

    China is a Communist country that’s a whole different way of thinking but then the and is just as disasters and deadly as the West

  6. Mr. Robert Mugabe has been unseated so China’s partnership didn’t keep him there for long.

  7. China must go !!!!
    The future of Africa depends on Africa, not China. This is again stealing the raw materials to make China better. In ten years you will see A CHINESE FLAG WAVING OVER AFRICA. this is a prophetic vision.

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