Inside Story Americas – The US role in the DR Congo conflict

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Rebels in the eastern DR Congo say they have begun withdrawing from territory they captured from government troops. About 500,000 people have fled their homes during seven months of fighting. The violence has been particularly disturbing, coming less than ten years after the end of the Congo War that killed some 5.4 million people. The US dispatched a state department official to the region but has been careful to spare its allies anything beyond symbolic sanction, even after a UN report concluded that Rwanda and Uganda are backing the M23 rebels.

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15 Responses

  1. Believe what you want, it’s your right. For us Kongomanis, All the Tutsis and Hutus will return one day or another. Then, we will make sure Rwanda pays for everything it has caused in Kongo. FDLR are part of the Rwandan army, their place is not in the Kongo they need to return home. For us, Tutsis and Hutus need to fix their own issues between them in Rwanda. Now say whatever you want, I told you what’s gonna happen. Take back all your brothers and sisters. We tired of anything coming from you.

  2. Long story short, Trouble in Kongo is due to the genocide in Rwanda. There is no reason for the Kongolese people to pay for Rwandan internal ethnics affairs (We lost 8.000.000). It’s not the Kongo responsability to protect Rwandan refugees (Tutsis or Hutus) it’s the Rwandan government responsability. The Tutsi power in Rwanda should know his role in the genocide and stop using victimisation as a weapon against Kongo. The genocide in Kongo should be recognized as the biggest of all times.

  3. North and South Kivu is part Rwanda evidenced by Twa’s,Hutu’s and tutsi’s living in the area for hundreds of years and speaking a common language ‘Kinyarwanda’
    these demarcations were recently drawn for western interests.

  4. People need to know the truth. Truth is there are no Tutsis from Kongo. All the so called Kongolese Tutsis are refugees from Rwanda and other eastern countries like Uganda and Burundi. The 8.000.000 dead in Kongo are a direct consequence of the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 when the Hutus fled into Kongo with their families and weapons. All the so called rebellions (AFDL, RCD’ CNDP and today M23) are backed by Rwanda to destabilize and exploit Kongo by saying that they need to protect the Tutsis.

  5. Cohen the so-called expert couldn’t even place a word, he is out of time in the 60’s.

    Why doesn’t he as a Jewish LEGALIZE NAZISM?

    Fucking foolish moron, SHAME on Him!!

  6. There’s nothing like lack of leadership in Congo. the reality is that US brought Tutsi to role in Congo. Since, nothing has changed. Tutsi need to remember what happened with them and Belgians in 1969. Before the so called indepence of Rwanda. We know how Tutsi fled to Congo, Uganda and Tanzania. The truth is that stupid capitalists have friendship with people of color or anybody out of their system. Ask kagame and Tutsi: when Capitalists will get rid of tutsi, where will they go?

  7. Pressures must be put on the congo gov for lack of leadership and on rwanda and uganda govs for playing the dogs and puppets of US and UK capitalists. Civilians in the kivus and other congoleses are paying a huge price bcoz of all these messes artificially created.

  8. First of all,you Aljazeera are corrupt as well because you’re supporting the USA Why? Our people are suffering for Centuries not decades we all have to be together like Iran & others like Hamas & Hezzbollah..I enjoy the way they’re together..Comme with us we’ll make one force against the Evil Whitemens.. Ingeta!!

  9. There has never been any "END OF WAR" in Eastern Congo.
    Tutsis/Hutus have accepted to play the House Negros for the Empire, they will pay the price one day, Do you know the history of the Mongs in Burma who helped the USA wage war in Indochina? Tutsis will end up exactly the same way.

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