In a stunning reversal of alliances, Rwandan troops captured neighbouring Democratic Republic of Con

HEADLINE: Rwandan troops arrest Congo’s top rebel
CAPTION: In a stunning reversal of alliances, Rwandan troops captured Congo’s most powerful rebel leader, a longtime ally who the Congolese government says was at the heart of years of war in the east, officials said Friday. (Jan. 24)
Rwandan troops are being cheered in Congo following the arrest of Congo’s most power rebel leader.
The arrest of Laurent Nkunda (luh-RAWN’ un-KOON’-duh) is a shocking move by Rwanda. Nkunda is a former Rwandan ally who Congo blames for years of war in the country’s east.
The surprise arrest is a result of a deal between former enemies Congo and Rwanda. The move is getting overseas applause, including from the new Obama administration.
SOT Robert Wood State Dept spokesman His removal is a welcome step on the road to peace. He has caused nothing but havoc for the people of Congo and frankly for the people of the region, so he has been causing havoc for far too long.”
The region has been mired in conflict since Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. Congo says it hopes Rwanda will extradite Nkunda to Congo for trial.
Residents in the country’s east say they hope the arrest will lead to a new peaceful era in the region.
SOT “I am very, very, very glad for that. My heart is very glad for that, to catch Mr Nkunda.”

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  1. This is Congo being invaded by Rwanda two countries not tribes my very well educated people. Rwanda is invading mineral rich part of Congo backed by western countries and minerals rich companies i.e Dan Getler. The people naked are mayi mayi from wabembe Tribe fighting and willing to die for their land. At least noe you are all aware instead of uttering utter ignorance. Ps so called colonisers murder 15 million congolese. So they did nothing for Congo. Check King Leopold II involvement in Congo. He did worse than Hitler’s did in second world war, but hey Africa must suffer for white countries to prevail. The Italian Ambassador was right….

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