Illegal migrant returns to Gambia to start over after failed trip

One Gambian man is counting his lucky stars after surviving the perilous journey to Libya in the hope of crossing to Europe. He almost made it across the Mediterranean, but was intercepted by Libyan coastguards and deported back to Gambia. CGTN’s Saddique Shaban caught up with him in Banjul.

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32 Responses

  1. how u can say d back way is not save life is all about risk so know what u are talking life is one not two remember everyone has his or he or she time only god deside your life story an everybody has his own story

  2. It’s terrible that they go to Europe. There are no extra jobs, money, houses, or opportunities for illegals in Europe. Europeans are struggling. Just like America, we have nothing for illegals. Americans are struggling and in need of help and jobs.

  3. Mr Minister shut up ur stinky mouth out there,we know home is home, but u and ur politicians can not be sharing the wealth of the nation, 🖕🖕🖕

  4. We must go to Europe and bring back our goods the whites tooked from Africa. It’s truth the backway is very hard I passed through it and thank God im now in Italy waiting for my documents. For those who went back home or those who had been deported in their homeland u think is something cool hence u can’t cross to Italy rather than staying in that hell which is Libya..

  5. Build your country stop building colonizers country and making them better. Make your country great for future youth.

  6. There is nothing here in Europe except enslavement.
    I would definitely be back home had I not have a young family in Europe.
    Trust me,Europe is no bed of roses.

  7. This silly so called minister was out in Germany jiggling all over the place now you have no words of encouragement for the youths and you chatting crab what have you done for the youths any way

  8. Y everyone in the Gambia complaining Gambia is hard if you don’t want to work good by Gambia will never easy for you!

  9. I’m a Gambian and i personally know people who left their good paying job in the Gambia to go suffer in Libya. Is a mentality issue not an economic issue. I’m studying in the United States and i only have 1 year left but when i tell people that am going to back home after my studies they think that am stupid for even thinking of going home permanently. Is a sickness.

  10. We have no future in Gambia gredy big ger xxx if you the leader’s can’t help the yurths over dere
    Take off ya mouth on back way yurths

  11. This Henry Gomez, what was he doing in Europe… because he was fail, so others are going fail like him… shut up… Henry!!!

  12. These people better stay at home and build up their home country. Nothing is going on for refugees in Europe. Don’t waste your time in the backway!


  14. Well keep praying and see what that gets you, build up your own country and make it better instead of leaving to build other people’s

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