I Wasn't Elëctröcutëd, They Even Fed Me But-Modern Ghana Journalist Speaks

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8 Responses

  1. Northerners don’t lie ? We know Suyihini , Adongo , Mahama and co are all northerners but they all do lie .

  2. You guy say, I’m a Northerner, I won’t lie , but you lied already, and who told you that Northerners don’t lie. You are fake

  3. My friend the journaliste, you are the publisher so you will have tobear the conséquence. If not you will have to produce the writer.

  4. My dad will be ready to exam him freely if he’s beaten the way this paid journalist is saying.Without any medical report…is better the bogus journalist stop his baloney words

  5. Hahaha your northner n u can’t lie, is Mahamah not northnea, nwho told u northners dont lie

  6. This devil journalists should go hospital and bring the report if the security service really beat you….the way you are putting things in the studio.
    How much devil ndc has paid you?All that you are saying are FAKE.

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