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‘ I Brought Down A Cult’
NOT!  pt.1

July 16, 2018 People magazine   

Niki Lopez has recently been featured in July 16, 2018 “PEOPLE”  magazine claiming she was Raped and Abused and how she gained the strength to help bring down a cult that she was a part of for 14 yrs.

Let begin by pointing out facts, Nicole “Niki” R. Lopez is an outright Liarand Criminal who received immunity for her crimes of molesting underage males, which she claimed Malachi York was doing, when in fact, it was her.  Those boys also testified in the case to protect her and themselves.  Yet, at the end of the day, they recanted their lies with affidavits that we have obtained.

Niki R. Lopez are you the half sister of David “Taariq” Noel and Amanda Noel, children of Barbara Noel along with Afifa Taylor and Bakhita Taylor?  Barbara Noel, their mother,  was involved in the plot to extort money from Dr. Malachi Zodoq Kobina York and protect themselves from their own crimes.

Individuals seeking financial support and seeing big dollar signs knew how much Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina York was worth, so an angry son, ex-wives, and ex-members of the nation wanting to hurt Malachi York would say and claim anything to get what they wanted, which was money.

Mr. York would be given life in prison for crimes he didn’t commit and the so called victims are still seeking book deals, news and magazine articles or even internet fame.  They were told that Mr. York would only get maybe 6-8yrs by Jacob York and it would teach him a lesson not to mess with them.

The false allegations started with a lady named Pauline Rogers.  She wrote a letter to Howard R. Sills sheriff of Putnam Co. Georgia.  This letter became the topic of discussion in court when Sills was asked to produce the letter and the Judge allowed the sherif to go to his office and produce the actual evidence that started the investigation of Dr. York and the sheriff could not produce the evidence, there was no letter.  More Lies…..



Following Pauline Rogers’ appearance on the Montel Williams show, she recanted her statements. She wanted vengeance on him because she lost a custody battle involving their two children. Mr. York won custody of their two children and where living on the land with him.

Pauline Rogers appeared on the Montel show claiming how she was abused, Why wasn’t Pauline Rogers called to testify in Dr. York’s court case? ​

People that see their moment of fame will seek it anywhere they can from whomever they can.  There were no children involved in the case, so why did the judge feel the need to have a closed courtroom?  Why would the Good State of Georgia not want one of the biggest Federal and State cases to be seen in their state?  Would it be that the State of Georgia knew their case was built on lies and if it ever came to light and the State of Georgia would have to pay for an innocent man being in prison for 16 yrs? This could cost millions of dollars to replace the stolen land, the cash removed from Mr. York’s house, and the property in Athens, Ga. The total amount owed to York would bankrupt an already depleted state. So, who is really behind the conspiracy to imprison Dr. York and force a forfeiture of 476acres of prime real estate?

Here is a copy of the email sent to Mr. York from Barbara Noel demanding Mr. York pay her or she would talk. Note the email was sent to Dr. York on September 8, 2002, which was four months after his May 8th.  Did Barbara not know Mr. York had already been arrested months earlier?


Now let’s look into this magazine article and see the many lies and deception being told by Nicole “Niki” Lopez.  She starts off by saying….          “SHE REMEMBERS HER CHILDHOOD IN THE UNITED NUWUBIAN
” First off where are those who were abusing the children as she claims, no one was arrested for such acts.  Why weren’t their names given to authorities for prosecution?  Because it is a LIES! Lies are told to increase  readership; sensationalism is used to garner attention in hopes of attracting viewers… All in the name of MONEY. Niki Lopez claims she was raped at the age of 15, being 43 now in 2018, Lopez would have been 15 yrs. old in 1990.  There was noNuwaupian Nation Of Moors In 1990, or 91, It wasn’t until June 26, 1992 the name began to be used by the Yamassee Native American Tribe when  Dr. York moved to Georgia in 1993.  So Niki Lopez was not living on the Egiptian land “TAMA-RE” at 12, neither was she being abused there.  Why is the magazine only showing the Georgia property and not the New York property in Liberty, Upstate New York or Brooklyn N.Y?  Why didn’t the State of N.Y also sue Mr. York and take his land there where the so called acts took place?  When have you ever heard of victims being removed from their homes and land just to make a point? So, in Georgia you can be a victim of a crime and instead of you being helped, you get ejected along with hundreds more innocent men, woman and children, and making them homeless. They call that protecting people?  Why couldn’t the people keep the land and take the man? The land was one of the crucial aspects of the case, that is why RICO had to be introduced.  But if you look at the charges Mr. York was found guilty of, the two related to Florida and Walt Disney were NOT GUILT. Would that be because they couldn’t foreclose on Walt Disney?  So the same people named in all the counts in Georgia were the same counts in Florida yet the court didn’t find Mr. York guilty, which was all based on the same testimony, there was no physical solid evidence, no DNA, No video, No Pictures, Nothing but 5 people supporting each others lies.  There are affidavits from many of the so called victims and witnesses who recanted their testimony, Sakina Woods, Ebony Richards, David Noel, Habiybah Washington, Radey Muhammad, Deborah Smith, Samaiyah Ellish, Ebony Hill, Hanaan Merrit, Abdul Salaam Laroche, Leah York, Issa Johnson, All these people recanted and told the truth when they found out how long an innocent man was sent to prison for life.    Niki Lopez was 18 yrs old in 1993 when the community moved to Georgia, a grown woman, although she claims she was a child living on a “Egyptian themed compound”. She states in “People” magazine that she “Still has nightmares remembering her childhood in the United Nuwaupians Nation of Moors“.  What childhood? Is 18 yrs old considered a child in Georgia? More lies and deception from Christine Pelisek and Niki Lopez. It wasn’t until 1996 the name “United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors” came into use, and the leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors is still operating today, go to his Facebook page and website, Chief Black Eagle Feather, so do they have the wrong person in prison? Malachi York was part of the United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide, there is a distinction.The “People” article goes on to state; “dozens of other victims came forward to give investigators additional details of sexual and physical abuse.” Are those the same dozen of victims just listed above who recanted? We have their affidavits, indicating they were forced to lie to reinforce the conspiracy. Then there are the alleged victims who have steadfastly maintained NOTHING NEVER HAPPEN TO THEM. Mr. York never touched them in any inappropriate way.Where are the so called victims who haven’t recanted? Did you know that Niki Lopez’s half sister, Amanda Noel, was ready to jump out the window when she learned her 26 year old sister, Niki, was having sex with Amanda’s boyfriend who at the time was a 14 yr old boy? Hold on, there’s more.  It wasn’t just one minor she had sexual relations with, Abdul Salaam Laroche a.k.a. “Shelomon”, was another minor victim of Niki Lopez, he was only 14yrs, and there was also Isaam Williams, along with Kuwsh Martinez, with whom she engaged in sex with at the age of 23, who was also a minor 


​These are the crimes Niki Lopez was seeking a plea deal for to shield her from prosecution. What kind of person does this and sends a man to prison for life to protect her own crimes? Barbra Noel never received the bribe money she was trying to extort from Mr. York so now they had to stick to the lies, or as the FBI told Barbara’s children, if they didn’t stick to the script, “your Mother will be charged and sent to jail” as restated by David Noel. So they gave David Noel a question and answer sheet to familiarize himself with the line of questioning. This is why David Noel is still telling the same story because he doesn’t want to go to jail.

There are actually executed affidavits from Niki’s brother David “Taariq” Noel admitted he lied and nothing ever happened to him by Dr. Malachi York sexually.  Here is a letter to David “Taariq” Noel from Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard S. Moultrie, Jr. telling David they are happy David is willing to meet with him again and go over his testimony which was included in this letter to David. We also have a copy of the questions, as you see David was told let no one see this letter.  Why would you need to reread your own statement and Testimony if what you are saying are actual facts that you have personal knowledge of? You only have to memorize a script when you are acting.


Here is a video clip of David Noel being asked to explain, in detail, exactly what happened to him
by the so called hands of Mr. York, and David could not explain in detail what happen. If you can find the original interview you will hear David say he can’t recall but you can go read what he said in court. Unfortunately, this is a poor copy and part of the interview was cut out by the owners of the video.
Name one child who was sexually assaulted, as he claims to have been, and has lived with the actual fact of these horrific occurrences, but cannot recall anything of substance. This is exactly what happens with David.No One Forgets the pain of what has happened, and as many times as he claims it happen, he should certainly recall.
It is hard to remember lies, but it’s not hard to remember the TRUTH. David might not mind telling
lies that he was sexually abused, but how would he feel if he ended up going to jail for the lies?
What he’s been claiming might actually end up happening to him in prison. The Universe has
its way of balancing the equities.

[librevideojs_video url=”” code=”webm” skin=”mixteal”][/librevideojs_video]


Don’t  believe it,  check into another so called victim and witness Abdul Salaam Laroche a.k.a. “Shelomon” who also did an official recanted affidavit.  Abdul Salaam Laroche was arrested
May 8th 2018, and is facing a murder charge for the brutal slaying of a Georgia woman in her home. The murder occurred 3 days following his meeting with the FBI to discuss his trial testimony back in August 2002.
Dr. York was arrested on May 8th 16 years earlier.



Here is Issa Johnson’s affidavit who actually testified on the behalf of
​Dr. York. Issa was listed as a victim.




Is Laroche being set up or was there an actual murderer, who was a key witness,
on the stand testifying for the Federal Government against Dr. York?  Isn’t this good cause for a new trial?  What is the credibility of a murderer? Zero, right?
Abdus Salaam LaRoche was one of the key ringleaders, forcing his friends and family to help him by lying and
sending a innocent man to prison.



PictureAbdul Salaam Laroche 34, arrested on May 8th 2018

Maybe now you can believe there was a outright conspiracy against Dr. Malachi York by just two families, the Laroche, Noel, and Lopez clans, who are either related or have children by Mr. York ex-wives.

One of their key witnesses, Habiybah Washington, not only did a affidavit she also did a video telling the truth about their lies and the plot of Jake York “Yaacub Abdulla Muhammad” to ruin his father’s life. ​


Download File

[librevideojs_video url=”” poster=”Habiybah Washington Recantation Video” code=”webm” skin=”mixteal”]Habiybah Washington who was the Prosecutions Key Witness against Dr. Malachi Z York retracts her statements against Dr. Malachi Z York in this video[/librevideojs_video]

Now that you have a better idea to the back story and  to some of the key people involved in the conspiracy to have Dr. York arrested and sent to prison, let’s dig further.  The money they were promised they didn’t get, it all went to local law enforcement.  The state and federal authorities used these corrupt people and known criminals to steal 476 acres of land and send a innocent 57 yrs old man to prison for life.  How would you feel if that was your father or brother dying in prison for crimes he never committed?

Let us continue with the “People” article… with their vague points by CHRISTINE PELISEK. Is that called yellow journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration, which is another word for LIES?

        ” York was arrested and charged with multiple state and federal
crimes, including more than 100 counts of child molestation,
six counts of transporting minors across state lines for sexual
purposes and five count of racketeering

It is one thing to be charged and another to know what one was actually convicted of.  Furthermore, just because the justice system found him guilty, surely doesn’t mean he’s guilty.  Hundreds of people have been released for crimes they did not commit, after serving 10-25 yrs. or more in prison.

Know that the state case was won by Dr. York, which is why the state case has been dead docketed and sealed along with the Federal case.  Dr. York is not serving state time, he was found guilty in a Federal court and sentence to 135 yrs for 11 counts.  Not for a rape, Not for Molestation, Not for beating or abusing children.  Dr. York is in prison for people that love money and don’t care who they hurt to get it. Read for yourself the charges and counts he was said to be guilty of.

Do you see any rape and molesting charges… No!



“■    1. 18 USC 1962(d) “”RICO””
“■  2. 18 USC 1962(c) Rico ­” “Acts (1) ­engaged in interstate transport of minors with the  INTENT to engage in unlawful sexual activity. (2) engaged in travel for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual activity with minors (3) unlawfully structured cash transactions in order to avoid federal reporting requirements.”

“■    3. 18 USC 371 “”Man Act conspiracy”” Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States (Note it states in this act TWO or more persons, so how can One Man be charged?)”

“■    4.  18 USC 2423(a) Transportation With Intent To Engage in Criminal Sexual”
“Activity. ­ A person who knowingly transports an individual who has not attained”
“the age of 18 years in interstate or foreign commerce, or in any commonwealth, territory or possession of the United States, with intent that the individual engage in prostitution, or in any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, shall be fined under this title and imprisoned not less than 10 years or for life.”

“■    5.  18 USC 2423(b) (b) Travel With Intent To Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct. ­ A person who travels in interstate commerce or travels into the United States, or a United States citizen or an alien admitted for permanent residence in the United States who travels in foreign commerce, for the purpose of engaging in any illicit sexual conduct with another person shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.”

“■    6.  31 USC 5313(a) Reports on domestic coins and currency transactions ­ (a) When a domestic financial institution is involved in a transaction for the payment, receipt, or transfer of United States coins or currency (or other monetary instruments the Secretary of the Treasury prescribes), in an amount, denomination, or amount and denomination, or under circumstances the Secretary prescribes by regulation, the institution and any other participant in the transaction the Secretary may prescribe shall file a report on the transaction at the time and in the way the Secretary prescribes. A participant acting for another person shall make the report as the agent or bailee of the person and identify the person for whom the transaction is being made.”

“■    7.  31 USC 5324 (a)(3) ­  (a) Domestic Coin and Currency Transactions Involving Financial Institutions. ­ No person shall, for the purpose of evading the reporting requirements of section 5313(a) or 5325 or any regulation prescribed under any such section, the reporting or record keeping requirements imposed by any order issued under section 5326, or the record keeping requirements imposed by any regulation prescribed under section 21 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act or section 123 of Public Law 91­508 ­”

“■    (3) structure or assist in structuring, or attempt to structure or assist in”
“structuring, any transaction with one or more domestic financial institutions.”

THERE ARE NO  “Molestation Charges, NO RAPE CHARGES OR CONVICTION for Rape, YET, ​Many Like Niki Lopez and Others Keep Calling
Dr. Malachi Z. York A Child Molester, Is that not Slander,
​ lies and Defamation of Mr. York’s character?
Yes, it is and they know they are lying.

​The actual 11 charges and the amount of time given
to each count, for an innocent 57 yr old man to suffer
​in prison.



The reason people have to LIE is to hide something that is true.  Niki R. Lopez’s mother Barbara Noel was arrested for drugs, she was already a criminal.  Each of Niki’s siblings have different fathers, what type of mind does that produce when they find out Dr. York isn’t really their father.

Is it a fact Niki’s mother Barbara asked Dr. York, once she had left Eatonton, Ga. and he moved to Athens Ga., if she could come to his new home office and work for him. Barbara did and while there she was caught having sex in the pool house with a brother working on the pool. The real PEOPLE do talk facts and many have come forth to start telling us their story and when all the truth comes out, all will see who was doing what to whom and who the criminals are.  We have all the names of those involved, So thank You Niki Lopez for bringing this all back to light 16 years later. There might be freedom for Mr. York and jail time for the real criminals, as more is revealed.

Niki Lopez also made a deal with the government as I stated to not press charges on her after she admitted having sex with multi-minor boys, Isam, Eddie, and Lexus.

Niki had a grown mate herself at the time she was having sex with these underage children.  Which is why Niki Lopez signed government Exhibit 44A which was her immunity agreement. Why would Niki Lopez need a Immunity agreement to protect her from prosecution if she did no wrong?

Some might claim it was because of what happened to her at age 12, making her a monster and do harsh acts to other minors. That might be true, yet nothing happened to her by way of Dr. York.  But it was a York!  Niki was caught having sex with JAKE YORK “Yacub Abdullah Muhammad” in upstate New York  in his father’s black limousine.  So Tell us Niki, how old were you in New York? Did Yacub rape you?


Jake was put out of the community for having sex with little boys in the kid’s house in Brooklyn, he was caught in the act and the Brother Abdul Khabir can attest to this. Jake’s mother, Zubaida, and brothers and sisters followed. From what we know, Jake depressed his own mother and the results were she eventually died of a brain aneurysm.  Jake became angry and blamed his father, Mr. York, for what very well could have been his own doing.

Notice again the wordings in this “People” article.  “York saw himself as a channel between God and the world. He was a master manipulator.”  Who are they quoting this statement from?  The expert Rick Ross, Rick Alan Ross is a private consultant, lecturer, and cult intervention specialist according to his YouTube channel.  Well, Rick Ross should be going after every Christian religion and zealot in America.  Because anyone that claims to channel, or receive messages from God is a “MASTER MANIPULATOR”.  Has Rick Ross developed his own cult by attacking others and calling them cults? Rick Ross just called every pastor around the globe a Master Manipulator if they claim God speaks to them.

Having to pretend for 16 yrs of one’s life and to tell the same lie over and over so many times must be exhausting. That just may be the reason Nicole Lopez  suffers from PTSD, Anxiety, and Nightmares dreaming that one day all will be exposed and you and your brother will be caught and jailed for the acts you perpetrated and covered.

LET’S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THE TITLE OF THE PEOPLE ARTICLE, THE ONE THING THEY DID GET RIGHT WAS, SECRETS BEING KEPT, THERE WAS NO SEX, AND IT WAS ALL LIES.  WHY ELSE WOULD IT BE SO TITLED?  Were there any Secrets revealed in this People Article? I didn’t read not one. They Did Mention Sex, And Where Were The LIES?  Who Is the LIAR?  Did they ever call Dr. York a Liar in the article? NO. Then the article is actually truthful if you are a vivid reader and thinker. Because Right after SECRET, SEX & LIES starts with quoting a lie, Where did you bring down a Cult, Nicole? Nuwaupians have a Culture by way of H.E. Dr. Malachi Z. Kobina York.  We are Not The NuwauBians.


​The Culture Of

Take A Look At The Nuwaupian Culture Under The Spiritual
Guidance Of BaaBaa Yaanuwn.  
Nuwaupian Have Their Own
Language “Sabaean” Ancient Nuwaupuyee, The Way
PAA TARAQ, Their Canons, Their Chants, Their Dress
Their Ancient Orders, And Live For Of And By
​Each Other In Unity And Love. Our ancient script was the language featured in the Black Panther Movie. Don’t Believe Me, Check it Out!


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