‘I am not an accidental president’: Barrow vows change in Gambia

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On his first trip outside Africa, new Gambian President Adama Barrow said he was confident France and the EU would boost financial support to his country after 22 years of dictatorship. Barrow estimated that his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh, had embezzled the equivalent of 85 million euros domestically, with inquiries open into his activities abroad. Justice, Barrow insisted, would be served.
Barely two months after he was sworn into office at a ceremony in neighbouring Senegal following a post-electoral crisis in his country, Barrow said he was determined to put Gambia on the road to recovery.
Speaking to FRANCE 24’s Marc Perelman, Barrow stressed that inquiries into the extent of Jammeh’s embezzlement were still underway, but he estimated that so far, experts had determined that the former dictator had looted 4 billion dalasi (approximately 85 million euros) domestically. An inquiry commission was still looking into other areas and the assets Jammeh had transferred abroad.
“The Gambia was looted. The Gambia was robbed by the [former] president. If you rob the Gambia, obviously we would want to recover, if there are any assets we feel we want to recover, why not?” said Barrow.
When asked about his unusual ascent to power following the contested 2016 presidential election, Barrow insisted he was not “an accidental president” and that he had secured his party’s nomination as well as his electoral victory through the democratic process.

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27 Responses

  1. I dont like there this media interview ,cuz it’s cos many disrespect ,this people always help with something refont back ,lets be wise ,rathan insulting him …..

  2. Adama Barrow admits to being a French and EU puppet $$$$$. Gambians will never own their own land.

  3. Barrow is more than an accident for Gambia!!!! He will ruin this country and steal more money from that country than anyone before.

  4. Nothing but love for the President of Gambia ..💗💗💗i would love to meet him is great man

  5. Whete on earth have u seen accedental president you people try to think. Of accidental he who can on by a bullet is the accidental one Narrow was voted in by the people of Gambia

  6. Mr Journalist, I disagree with you. He is not an accidental president. Gambians has voted for him

  7. What is it with this are you going to extend your presidency or step down or make yourself president for life I don’t get that

  8. African Countries Need To Day a Leader Like Farmaajo The President Of Somalia, Only Six Month he Was Former Prime Minister Recovered Many impossible Activities, and Now He Is Became The New President Of Federal Government of Somalia, African Leaders and Other EU And Trump must be A Leader Like Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.

  9. Mr. President I like your response, you responded  to this idiot journalist called you accidental president.

  10. how can you be a hardworking and focus president if u are that fat and lethargic. the man looks dopey and lacks charisma or any initiative. he is not a leader, he has the presence of a follower.

  11. Listen to d pronunciation, instead of accidental he is sayin accidencial wrong useage of grammar Barrow woo Barrow.
    no wonder d Germans disregarded yr asylum.

  12. you are right journalist he is accidental president. ..because they steal vote. …secondly peoples are fighting beating each other in Gambia but he is just eating bread in the state house with lawyer darboe the father. ..maintain peace first in the Gambia and stop greedy for the money. .backward government. ..corrupt government. ..they beat a lady in the Gambia because she is an APRC fans….please the Gambia belong to all of us…I hate this happening in the Gambia. .

  13. This man is nothing just a Leia in the Gambia if yaya jammeh can come back I will help hem to come home

  14. You are really accidentally president. You are not fit to be a president. Beause you are not saying nothing .you don’t even know what is government. Gambians are in darkness not.I’m among the people who regret .why people vote for you.beause I’m not amony the people who vote for you

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