Hundreds of Nigerians repatriated from South Africa after attacks

Nigeria began repatriating more than 600 of its citizens from South Africa following a wave of deadly xenophobic attacks that frayed relations among neighbouring nations.
Private Nigerian airline Air Peace volunteered to fly people for free back to the commercial capital Lagos on Wednesday.
It was not immediately clear how many people boarded the flight, but Nigeria’s government said it estimated 313 people were on their way home. A second flight departs on Thursday or Friday with 640 Nigerians in total fleeing the country.
The repatriation came after riots in Pretoria and Johannesburg killed at least 12 people as 1,000 foreign-owned businesses were targeted. The nationalities of those killed have not been announced but Nigerians, Ethiopians, Congolese, and Zimbabweans were attacked, according to local media.
Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller reports from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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50 Responses

  1. South African companies are deep in our economies.. we need to restrict them .. they can do this business back in Sa

  2. Burning human beings alive (necklace)it’s their hobby in case you don’t know…. … it’s a beautiful country but the people there are unpredictable that’s the problem.. some people are good but some are animals in human form.

  3. The question how did all started, cause some one much have done some thing to make them annoyed , before they stool up to act like this, all I will say is if you go to other country, repeat thier laws and rules, that is it

  4. You guys you can say whatever you want to say about S.A drugs are wrong anywhere in the world, the is no country that can tolerate the selling of drugs, yes I’m not saying those who have killed are right no they were very wrong, no african should kill another african… and you need to know this it is chaos all over the world because of these drugs… to you my fellow Nigerians who have left S.A because of this mess I’m sorry because I know that not all of you were doing drugs and to those who are left behind lets come together and resolve this we are Africans, especially to those who are here by law you are welcome, let’s stop the drugs, yes I know it’s the temptation that has push you to do that since its hard to get a job to a foreign country, but please emulate those who have open other business rather than doing drugs and please don’t listen to what people are saying, if you are doing what is right it shall be well with you…

  5. No raptor about it in Europe media. They don’t want to show how African treat other Africans. If white nation will do it will be all over western media. And plenty of black people will obviously blame white man.

  6. It’s seems like everyone is missing the point here, how did this all started if I may ask?
    South Africans have been too good to these foreigners and they started to take the advantage of the situation, I mean ho do you leave your home country to another’s man country to do the illegally dealings and expect to be treated fairly?. Nigerians have turned S.A cities into drug zones. If you can go to S.A townships or cities you will find Nagerians standing by the coner for almost everyday they are not doing anything good but selling drugs. And you wanna come in social media act all innocent as you didn’t ruin all yourself?.
    The police are working with them that’s the reason people take the law into their own hands and it had worked. There are more than 100 000 of Nigerians living in S A and only half of 600 are willing to go home while the others are still claiming to be liviy unsafe but they don’t wanna go and you don’t ask yourself why?
    They need to go home South Africa has its own problems we have the highest unemployment rate because they’ve accoupied all the jobs since they don’t mind to be hired as cheap labours. I’ve seen tons of comments labelling South Africans lazy and then I’m surprised on how did we survived all along without them before 1994? If they’re a hard workers as they claim 🙄 why are they failing to build they’re own safe countries? You guys you are only working because companies are exposing you for cheap labours and South Africans can’t stand that bulshit.

  7. Xenophobia and violence are very bad things. The other african countries were a shelter for many south africans during Apartheid…

  8. Foreigners who live in Eastern Cape in South Africa have peace where never attacked , these things happen in bigger provinces

  9. How do you live illegally in a country for 30 years reap benefits and expect them to owe you something? Asking for s friend.

  10. Aljazeera will never talk about how African young girls are being killed, abused, and being made to work under slave conditions in the Arab countries.

  11. South African going after the African brother and sister who trying to help bring jobs and skills to the lifestyle. The White man took away everything from them they afraid to go after them, but instead attacking the own sad..

  12. I am so sorry what my Coutnry did for our fellow African brothers n sisters may God have mercy on us all

  13. Oh wow! They scream "go home" like we can’t… Now they see "WE COULD ACTUALLY LEAVE" ,then they changed their words to "they’ve been "REPATRIATED" (also meaning forced to)..NO fools they’re "LEAVING". Hope you animals do good.

  14. Can Nigerians stay at home make things better for them in their motherland

  15. South Africa learn from your mistakes and advice your fellow brothers to Stop this kind of heartless behaviour

  16. South Africans are in danger if they travel out side the country, specially Nigeria and East Africa.

  17. Guys in 9 provinces we still live with Nigerians Zimbabwean Tanzanians Congolese Zambian Malawi Mozambique DRC etc peaceful only Johannesburg has that misunderstood so please don’t include all South African

  18. Other African countries should break relations with South Africa. On hindsight, Nigeria should have left those ingrates in Apartheid

  19. Repatriated or they are leaving voluntarily? Al Jezeera you just want to make the news to sound well by captioning it with “REPATRIATION”!
    Al Jezeera you are now silent you no longer carry Nigerian news with all the killings that is going on under the man you help to put in power in 2015 you and CNN? In 2015 you were reporting every inch of the election, now that you have a lot to report for the whole world to hear and see you are silent!

  20. They forgot to tell you that the reason nigerians are being chased from SA is because they sell drugs, do humantrafficing and have killed south Africans.

  21. say whateveru want but we will not give up our country in to Nigerian criminals exlude is if u want , and go Unite in kenya , Congo or Nigeria , SA is not the continent its country we cant accommodate all of u.


  23. So what happens to those married to South Africans and have kids with them? where do they wants those kids to go ?

  24. My fellow Africans fight those greedy presidents that make people leave their countries without a choice

  25. you do not like your African brother and your sister, it is a very very shame from South African people. The years 2008 and 2015 and today 2019 again you attack Africans without nothing

  26. Africa Is One? 🙄
    Why do you wanna do it here in South Africa?
    We have limited resources surely our ppl are tired about the conduct of Foreigners It’s not about issue of Jobs

  27. I wish people understand that ,this is only happening in Johannesburg. In KZN Durban it’s quiet nothing is happening. Yes people are scared it might happen but still till today it is a normal day for us. There is no fighting.
    It is sad that many people are victims of such hate, my heart goes out to all who were victims.

  28. Fake news! The headline is misleading, Not more than 200 Nigerians left South Africa at this point. Some if not most will be back in no time. Of course South Africans would welcome all hundreds of Nigerians who are drug lords to be vacated or incarcerated.

  29. I’m ADOS and have read every comment so far. My conclusion is what is going in on South Africa is a real world example of black NATIONALISM versus PAN-AFRICANISM. The South Africans and ADOS share similar histories in dealing with face to face white oppression. Both of our groups stayed put and fought for our respective gains…black South Africans are blessed to be in the most developed sub-Saharan country…ADOS are blessed to be in the richest country on Earth. The results in mentality are virtually the same. Both of our groups are proud of our accomplishments…the difference is ADOS is 13% of USA population while 90% of South Africans are black. Over here in the USA the great debate among ADOS is if pan-africanism is better for us to pursue than nationalism. What we see plainly is that pan-africanism cannot work right now. Black unity seems to be a myth. We see clearly that black people on the motherland DO NOT IDENTIFY WITH ONE ANOTHER ON SKIN COLOR…it is based upon LINEAGE. Black South Africans as a whole have it better than all other blacks on the continent of Africa…and they ARE NOT FEELING IT when pan-africanism says your country belongs to alllllllll of us…open your borders and embrace alllllllll of your fellow black brothers and sisters from wherever. The black South Africans are saying Nah Fuq Dat Shhhh you niqqas need to go home if your paperwork ain’t right…if you breaking our laws you gotta go. The pan-africanist minded foreigner blacks refuse to up and leave. Why? From where I sit I’d love to have a majority black nation of my very own to return to. The answer is simple…development. It is against human nature to downgrade. It is hard to go from good roads, stable electricity and clean water to your own country where the situation is more medieval. Pan-Africanism can work, but not at this current time. In order for Pan-Africanism to work each majority black nation must be similarly yoked…it cannot be every black person just rush to South Africa because they got it going on while leaving the other African nations underdeveloped. Each African nation has to develop their own infrastructures and economies close enough to South Africas SO THAT South Africans can go "eat at that country’s table" (get good jobs) just as others go eat at South Africas table. Quid pro quo. Until that day arrives…which I admit may never come. Nationalism beats pan-africanism. Why? Human nature. I am ADOS. I have no dire reason to get my passport…I am in the richest country…for me to go live permanently in any majority black nation may be too big of a step down (no shade thrown). I’m very comfortable in my nation. However, I see Nigerians here…Somalians…Congolese who are terrified of President Trump saying all foreigners must leave the USA…which he can do. Whatever the USA gives a foreigner, the USA can take away. Why are they terrified? Because life is better here than where they come from. They don’t want to downgrade…exactly as the black foreigners in South Africa don’t want to vacate because of the downgrade. Human nature is the root cause of all this squabbling. The Black South Africans are comfortable in their developed nation. ADOS are comfortable in our developed nation. It is the uncomfortable in their underdeveloped nations who migrate to greener pastures in more developed nations. Black people are not a monolith. It is obvious that blacks blessed to be comfortable in their own nations become NATIONALISTIC while those who are not become PAN-AFRICANISTS. After reading all these comments now I can understand why the black foreigners here in the states fear ADOS. We see re-classifying ourselves from African-American into ADOS as a display of our nationalism in pursuit of our reparations…they are deeply concerned that it will turn into us becoming xenophobic…which ultimately would force them to return home…which goes against human nature because of the downgrade in lifestyle. I do not condone the South African’s violence, I also do not condone anyone breaking the South African’s laws. What needs to be done is each and every majority black nation needs to focus on getting as closely developed as possible to South Africa…that would greatly mitigate illegal migration to South Africa…and would encourage South Africans to travel abroad to other African nations…as well as encouraging the African diaspora to visit. We are all black people. I want the best for us all, however, each group must stand on our own…only then can black unity truly be achieved.

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