Hundreds more protesters join demonstrations in Sudan's capital

Hundreds more protesters join demonstrations in the Sudananese capital Khartoum. They ‘piled on’ the roof of a train on their way to the sit-in demonstrations outside the Defence Ministry headquarters, leaving from the birthplace of the uprising that toppled Sudan’s former President Omar al-Bashir.…

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  1. to all sudanese respect your former presiden omar hassan albashir think what he done but donot think what he destroyed because he is not a president right now , he is very good presiden by one side ,iknow many are disapoint albashir , plz plz plz donot hummilate your president , you have common enemies , many likes sudan become failed state

  2. albashir is only president that he was not involved somalia factions , and he gave us thousands scholarship to somali student, he gave us milatery training , he was a right hand for somali peaple , somali will never forget omar hassan albashir, he must out of prison plz he is honor person ,look robert mugabe he rule his country 40 years ,now he live his house by peace , donot be like libyan somalia, yemen,iraq, plz plz plz forgive forgive forgive forgive donot destroy sudan , sudan sudan sudan somal somal somal

  3. What is our world becoming ? Gilets jaunes crisis in France (and in Europe), Brexit questions, Venezuela protests and violents demonstrations (more than a hundred deaths), Sudan protests, new Zealand and Sri Lanka attacks, ecological disaster, …

  4. The Muslim invaders of Europe and America are not civilized. Their religion demands that they convert or destroy all those who do not believe in Islam. You cannot negotiate with that mind set. all you can do is swept them back to their countries. They must grow and change. They must be willing to obey the laws of their new countries over Shariah law. Is it supposed to be a coincidence that most of the ‘migrants’ are fighting age men? They are making zones in Europe where non Muslims cannot go. That is not blending. That is taking over. Mosques are not just centers for worship they are also seats of government where their own laws are honored. Mosques are also places where girls are mutilated. That is a barbaric practice all have condemned but these Muslim migrants. It is time to sweep them back to their countries. Let them practice their barbarity where it is allowed. If we do not send them home then there will be a bloodbath the likes of which the world has never seen. All it takes is one nuclear country to fall and they will have access to nuclear weapons capable of starting the end of the world. They will not hesitate to use them even if their own die in the process. That just makes the dead martyrs and gives them a ticket to heaven.

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