Hundreds arrested in Zimbabwe after fuel hike protests | DW News

In Zimbabwe, police have widened their security crackdown after protests against spiralling fuel prices turned violent. They’ve made more than 600 arrests – among them, a high profile critic of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The government doubled fuel prices at the weekend in a bid to ease the country’s economic crisis.

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  1. The police and the army need to follow the people of Zim and work with them to get rid of this corrupt government which is simply following in the footsteps of the monster Mugabe who arrested and killed millions….Mnangagwa is doing the same……..flying around the world in a jet that costs $8,000 an HOUR…….while people starve and suffer………shame, shame on him…….

  2. Corrupt u people need to fight before it’s too late it’s going to happen here in USA SOON

  3. These Zimbabwean racists threw out white farmers and are now starving and the economy is destroyed. Africa just goes further backwards every day.

  4. You voted & got you wanted you were warned but we educated but cannot discern between good & evil walk up now loans from Russia new masters

  5. I think it’s the right time our security forces shows this government that they are human.They can not continue to terrorize the masses for exercising their democratic rights to demonstrate peacefully.The army must have mercy on poor Zimbabweans.

  6. Lovely to see these racists living the wonderful life courtesy of kicking out white people. Long may their suffering continue. Coming to a country called South Africa very soon.

  7. Protecting doesn’t mean stealing and breaking someone shop .

    Product to your government leave someone shop

  8. Taimbofunga kuti mai Mutsvangwa munhu anonzwisisa bt we were wrong. Chokwadi unoshama muromo vako vepasi nepamusoro uchitaura zvakadaro. Shut down yakasheedzerwa neZCTU (period). Kugwautawo kwamaakungoita amai, musadaro

  9. I don’t understand! Should you not be enjoying you’re freedom after ousting the white man?

  10. Africa is done for

    Sudan crisis in the north
    Ethiopia rebels groups growing
    Congo crisis 900 dead
    Zimbabwe crisis
    So many others too

  11. America destroy Haiti 215 years they can’t take care themselves , don’t believe America to help you get better if you are a black country. You will be sorry.

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