How Powerful Is Ethiopia?

In some parts of the world, it is legal for people to voluntarily end their lives with help from their doctors. It is so common in one country, in fact, they even have a booming business in suicide tourism. So, under what circumstances is assisted suicide legal? Do we really have the right to die?
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Death With Dignity National Center
“Advocacy for physician assistance in dying when faced with a terminal illness.”

Death With Dignity: The Laws and How To Access Them
Eligibility, application process, application form, and statutes in Oregon and Washington

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‘Going to Switzerland’ Is a Euphemism for Assisted Suicide

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Why Are People Going to Switzerland to Kill Themselves?


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50 Responses

  1. 1 Fact: Britain didn’t assist ethiopia in over throwing the Italian force for their sake, they did it so that they could save the face of Europe cause at that time africa was considered to be a helpless continent and they believed no force could stand against them until ethiopia then they were baffled and had no explanation. Hence why the British stepped in to claim victory

  2. A mighty somalia made millions of ethiopeans eat raw meat in 77. Ethiopia was not colonozed cuz somalia cut all routes to italy and never forget somalia has the largest land in ethiopia, the ogadenia which had the dervish soldiers of sayid abdile who were killing british and italian soldiers mercelessly.

  3. I m from Africa so have question and answer for you men if Ethiopia is powerful how can separate Eritrea by the war the answer is Eritrea powerful with any help
    But all the world they are help Ethiopia) (America Europe chaina and other rich country sry about my English you have to understand me please

  4. help your self we are strong enough our phsycological makeup says that we are the only one state in the nation that hase been never colonalize sodont under estmate us we can crush your military power

  5. Ethiopia and eritrea is berthers not naw war fenshed to guther work beznss what can thing worled about war is diade

  6. if oromos, amharas, tigrayans and all other ethnic group of Ethiopia are truly united, nobody can defeat us but God. that’s why our real enemies are always trying to divide us.

  7. Stop folis ureapian and American help Ethiopia and killed our people somalia that is why Ethiopia get power because many country’s dogs 🐕 helps hyenas Ethiopia and killed our people Somali 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

  8. Let me just add that Ethiopia is the land of the most decent, pure and optimistic human kind on Earth plus we’ll be economically powerful soon enough; I’m so PROUD to call myself an Ethiopian along with these beautiful souls💌

  9. We in Sudan we love you guys you are our brothers and sisters what we share is more than anything can be share with shareit xd long life Ethiopia from Darfur

  10. When you’re The Best jealous ppl hate you like those fake black Hebrews always preaching hate enywey Ethiopians is The real Hebrews. Big up Ethiopia

  11. Ethiopia is the first African country to defeat Italy,the European colonizing power, in 1896! The first country to establish African union now AAU!

  12. We see! In fact Ehtiopia is advancing a lot. The GDP is growing up year after year.This Ethiopia may be the symbol/example of development-progression for the African continent.

  13. Coffee and flowers? Oh yeah thats a sure rise to the top. At least the Ethiopians can say they maintained their independence while the rest of Africa came under European rule. Hopefully one day this great nation will experience its true potential despite its now huge problems. Long live Ethiopia!

  14. Honestly they have the potential to be much stronger. Without a war with Eritrea, no Ethiopian civil and more spending on their military Ethiopia could have had a much stronger military today perhaps on par with Egypt or stronger. Anyone else have any ideas on how powerful Ethiopia could potentially be?

  15. am I wrong to feel most of the comments are full of egos……..literally we all want our to be heard not appreciate what is given

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