How Important Is The African Union?

What Does It Mean To Be A Feminist In Islam?
What The West Gets Wrong About Muslim Women
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In 2004, France passed a law banning religious symbols in public spaces. Here’s a look into how France’s Muslim women view the law.

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Veiled meaning: The French Law Banning Religious Symbols In Public Schools
“On March 3, 2004, the French Senate gave the final approval for a bill prohibiting the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in public schools.”

French Muslims Say Veil Bans Give Cover to Bias
“Malek Layouni was not thinking about her Muslim faith, or her head scarf, as she took her excited 9-year-old son to an amusement site near Paris. But, as it turned out, it was all that mattered.”

French Muslims caught between Islamophobia and extremism
“This city’s first Muslim doctor doesn’t look Muslim.”

Why There’s Tension Between France and Its Muslim Population
“The country’s radical secularism clashes with many Muslims’ desire to publicly display their faith.”


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50 Responses

  1. The last thing Africa needs is a universal currency. how can a country like Zimbabwe where 1 USD is worth 240,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars be using the same currency as the congo which a frank is worth 0.000063 USD. The only place a universal currency can work is Europe.

  2. Move the capital of the AU from Addis Abeba to the capital of Ghana. Ethiopia is a evil imperialistic country. The goal of AU is to disband colonialism but Ethiopia has land which do not belong to them.

  3. What ever we call our currency its none of any body business all is clear its will be a gold backed and wiyh no white man poking their long filthy noses

  4. I don’t want Afro… I want dinar… get rid of pound name in Egypt, it shows Europeon colonism.

  5. Feminism is incompatible with African values because is focused on one genders, not the family.

  6. the human rights court exists already it’s called the African Court on people’s and Human Rights its located in Arusha, Tanzania

  7. I’m a political Scientist, very analytical and of deep thots and would to say that the philosophy of United Africa and decoding the politics of colonisation IS SPOT ON. Very few African Leader who dared to think differently like Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere Ghadafi etc are destroyed because they are about the true liberation of Africa. I’m a Nigerian living in South Africa and never for once see a different black people, we are thesame and should be living in a better continent if we can see things clearly and fight for one another and not against. We know how Africa was shared by the west according to their economic interest and not for the benefit of our people, Africa was divided so it can be ruled. Checked West Africa and you’ll see clearly how countries were shared. Nigeria (english)and all neighbouring countries made French speaking, and if the country is French speaking then the neighbouring country must be English speaking Just so that we can’t have one language or co-oporate. But it a lot of work to be done as the Africans need to be reorientated to not see ourselves as the enemy and for us not just think about our selfish self and be greedy rather to think of the wellbeing of all regardless of where we come from (brown or peach) black and white does not exist, nobody is black or white, only coined for divide.
    "With the resources Africa has we should not be talking about poverty in Africa" "the land of Africa can feed the whole world but our people are hungry".
    Why is Congo never settled? why is Zimbabwe in permanent recession? why is Nigeria always at war in her oil region, why is Sudan, Rwanda, Libya and many more in unrest? Who owns the South African reserved bank? Who controls the Stock exchange, what about the Africans in diaspora etc how is Haiti suffering in a dangerous land, how did Haitian got there? and many more.
    We need to start thinking right, asking the right questions not to start pointing fingers and fighting but so we can solve true problems for all, Know the genealogy of these things, their bad intentions and deal with them to bring new life to our people.

  8. What is the african union you ask? A joke, that’s what it is, a bad joke, like the rest of the continent.

  9. The AU need to keep focused on the African Diaspora… Non African Diaspora people need to stay out of the African Diaspora business

  10. African govs are the worst in the world , they are all racist to whites and are all corrupt , let Africa rot in its own black self made mess and stop sending these morons aid

  11. Any budy know Their leader genocide white people in south africa and in the region one their leader is f**k nelson mandela.

  12. 0:24 She sais "It’s like the EU, but for the continent of Africa", well it’s far from that; there are some very big differences between the 2 unions: The EU has a common currency, has freedom of movement (‘Sheghen’) and a common european passport (which comes in parallel to the member country’s passport); None of these things exist in the A.U., in conclusion, while this institution is of great value, it’s far from being as elaborate and from being as present in it’s member countries as the EU is, which is why we so seldom hear of it on the news (it is much less important). But the video is great apart from that 🙂

  13. Haiti was denied membership to the African Union??? Not to forget, Haiti is the country that ended the Atlantic Slave Trade. The African Union does not understand the importance Haiti’s membership brings to African people all over the world. 1) African-Americans and Afro-Latinos will become curious about their African ancestry and will take trips to Africa to learn about themselves. 2) There will be more cultural trades between Africa and the Western world. 3) Increased selling of goods and services between Africa and the Western world. 3) Increased tourism. 4) Increased knowledge and standard of living for all African people all over the world. 5) Symbolic move to show the world that African people are united. Benefits for Haiti: 1) Debt cancellation and reduced dependency on foreign aid. 2) African Union investments. Haiti currently attracts a small amount of international investors. 3) Trade between Haiti and the other countries that are part of the African Union. 3) Increased tourism between Africa, Haiti and the Caribbean. Direct flights from Africa to Haiti as Haiti becomes a hub. 4) As a result of more investments coming to Haiti, the country will be forced to invest in agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and infrastructure. 5) The standard of living of the average Haitian will be raised as their will be more jobs for Haitians, more schools and more health care facilities. One of the major goals of the African Union is to raise the standard of living of all African peoples.

  14. whatever what jackass named the currency Afro? Probably some enemy who doesn’t want Africa to be taken seriously :[

  15. I live in africa for 15 years now and I have never heard of the afro currency maybe the hairstyle but not a currency

  16. We should make Asian union as Europe and Africa did and also make one currency for Asia as euro and afro but I don’t know what it called as a Indian our currency is rupe but other countries have different names of their currency but I think Asian union is need to exist

  17. Mugabe just mad he had to kill tens of thousands instead of selling them or keeping them for slaves.

  18. these are a part of a bigger conspiracy to get african union, american union, european union and asian union all together to form a one world government ruled by the western elite….just wait n watch….dont believe me right….read about 1. origin of the federal reserve bank in america 2. council on foreign relations 3. illuminati- their objectives
    It will totally change the way u think abt global affairs

  19. Human rights is a horseshit used only to put strain on a country. Nobody cares about Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations, for instance. Hmm…I wonder why that is…oh yeah right THEY GOT OIL!

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