How a Peaceful Election in Zimbabwe Turned Violent | The Dispatch

On Monday, Zimbabwe held an election that was intended to project stability and attract global investors. By Wednesday, protesters and tanks were dueling in the streets. Our video journalists were on the ground to speak to voters.

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  1. The Government and Military of Zimbabwe have a lot of innocent blood on they’re hands if not too much blood

  2. I think it’s at the point where elections wouldn’t have made a difference either way.

    What has to be done is a cleaning day for whole hierarchy. Those who understand the country’s grievances can stay, those who don’t are arrested for corruption.

    Nobody in that country wants white minority rule all over again. But a rigged election is no different than when Mugabe took power via deception and unjustified crack-downs.

    An act of betrayal, to a country that’s already in enough pain as it is.

  3. all of east Africa, asia, india middle east , and far east countries were better off under Queen Victoria and the British Empire and they know it

  4. You need to enable comments on "How an Alt-Right Leader Used a Lie to Climb the Ranks | Times Documentaries". Anybody that WISHES TO refrain from commenting can do so without your interference.

  5. now i know theres no white people there…. but white people caused all this cause this. there racist…. is that fitting anyones agenda?

  6. 3rd world election is like a joke. Even my country 2nd world election also has been a joke until lately, our people has been very angry and make sure our election being done properly

  7. Gee imagine that? A violent oppressive African countrie. And the African Americans here in America say they are oppressed.

  8. It’s heart breaking because I’m a child for Zimbabwe and my whole family live in Harare and they are in danger. Robert Mugabe stole farms from white people to him self and his friends which meant Zimbabwe starved. Zimbabwe was suffering no food or money kids would get homless and live in the streets. There was a documentary about the Zimbabwe how they suffered. Children’s parents died because of weakness and lack of food. So plz make Zimbabwe great again.

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