Highlights: South Africa win big in Singapore

Check out all the action from the final day at the #Singapore7s


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  1. So proud to say i grew up with Kurt lee arendse and still live in the same road he does im super proud of you friend

  2. Great final thanks to our Fijian Boys for the effort. All the best in the last leg 🇫🇯🙏🏽

  3. Congratulations blitz boks! Well done to Fiji as well.

    Proud of the results my beloved Manu Samoa are getting. Slowly but sure you’ll win that cup boys

  4. if wasn’t for that silly last kick and chase decision…Fiji would have won…stupid decision ever.

  5. Its not easy to understand our South African Rugby paradox. Our Sevens Squad remain consistently hot and competitive to the extent that they won the championship twice in a row in the last three years.

    Congrats bokkies with your latest success. You’re fantastic ,every one of you.

    Pity non of these superstars will be sufficiently trusted with their brilliant rugby talents by those in charge of the 15 man game for South Africa– because they’re not big enough. Can you believe that?

    Something is wrong about the racist arrogance that still accompanies our 15 man game.

    And its sickening that we dont talk enough about it.

  6. I can’t believe how great how super bliz bokke (7 a side) rugby will be when the players poached to play 15man super rugby return to the 7s squad. Congratulations guys, we are so proud of you. 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  7. couple of things I would stamp out asap is the flaunting with the dead ball line and the one hand touchdowns..they will let you down every time in the end

  8. Soyizwapi was amazing today and has come up nicely along with Davids. What a great team. Seems like Fiji are really missing Jerry Tuwai.

  9. Good game from both teams. If only Fiji can have half of the SA 7s budget. Well with little money we still win tournaments and play in the finals. Go Fiji take the series.

  10. Well done and Congrats to SA but I gotta say Fiji gave it away with some silly mistake..SA utilizing the yellow card for Fiji well and got the win..big lesson for Fiji and again congrats to SA

  11. I watched the game live yesterday and still wondering n confusing about the penalty that RSA got at the last minute and change the result?? The silly mistake by Fiji players that make them reduce to 6 players had cost them a title. Congrats to RSA n Good game Fiji.

  12. Victory handed on a silver plated
    You gave it away Fiji that’s what you get for being in discipline
    Painful but it will teach you a lesson
    Congrats to you Blitzs bokas also good to see my samoan brothers picking up slowly cheers

  13. Tuimaba just committed hara kiri when he kicked away valuable possession in those dying moments.

  14. No matter what .Fiji sevens are still my # 1 . 👏🙌 anyway , Gongrats SA sevens .
    Cheers from the State of Micronesia

  15. Such a close game and like always awesome, congratulations to South Africa and well done Fiji and all other teams as well.

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