Headlines: Ghana Deports Hundreds Of Nigerians | The Other News

President Buhari frowns at potential ballot box snatchers; Borno State Governor says he’s ready to die for the course against insurgency; and more

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23 Responses

  1. Few months ago Ghana was deporting and enjoying mocking Nigerians doing business in Ghana!! Today they are now crying that Nigeria has closed their borders??? So you go to Nigeria too???

  2. You see how the presenter was even calling Ghana, as if we are not human being , they see us as like fools and mug, but we thought their our own brothers and sisters, now you see how they look down on us,

  3. Nigerians are a disgrace to the black race. Don’t blame Ghana for your own greediness. With the level of resources Nigeria have, I think Nigeria should be the DUBAI of Africa, but GREEDINESS AND SELFISHNESS.

  4. What is wrong with this if Ghana Government deports 700 Nigerians, is it a crime why should u people take it as chewing stick in your mouth. Havent u people ever heard of any country deporting Nigerians before. I dont thint any country will allow foreigner to misbehave or to take the countrys law in to their own hands. My brothers and sisters if you have something to say sit your people down and give them advice to change their behaviour if not you will never fit for any country on this planet

  5. Not that we are joining d’ ECOWAS so anybody can come 2 Ghana & misbehave no!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Y’all talk trash about Ghana yet the only thing that have that’s more than Ghana is a huge population with no control. Y’all say u are richer n bigger but sleep in darkness since time immemorial so when Ghana is having free visa to South Africa. Singapore. Malta. The Seychelles n the likes what has Nigeria got nothing. Only free visa to 43 west Africa countries.
    Yest when u come to Ghana Nigerians want to bring their criminal activities there. Ghana is the reason why most Nigerians have seen lights continuous ever in their lives. So shut up man. Ghana is like Europe to the average Nigerian if you care to know. Tell me how much is a thousand Ghana cedis in your naira? So much more than u can count yet you call Ghana ordinary yet you are the real ordinary.

  7. There are over 2 million Nigerians in Ghana who obey the laws in Ghana, and nobody is looking or chasing after them except the few lawless Nigerians. So what is the basis of your complaint talk to your people to behave and learn when they find themselves in other Countries. It is sad though for something like this to happen in Africa since we are all Africans.

  8. Nonsense program, na yeye English you dey speak there Naija dey spoil dey go. Keep on joking with your life stupid program.

  9. Is Nigeria too a nation? Tweaa! No wonder you always experience deportation no matter how small the country is, they deport you. Behavioural change is what I pray for you

  10. Every Nigerian wants to be rich overnight, by fair or fowl means. Please, use every means to acquire your wealth in Nigeria only. But not in the other parts of the world. Enough is enough.

  11. Nigerians always looks down on Ghanaians even when Ghanaians show them love. They see Ghanaians as mugu as they say. TOO MUCH RAPE, KIDNAPPING CASES, 419 SCAM, OCCULT, BLOOD MONEY RITUAL, FAKE MONEY PRINTING ETC. Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, now Ghana is deporting Nigerians. I pray a time should come where no Country should allow them entry till they work on themselves. All their ladies do in Ghana here is Prostitution

  12. You see your Stupid and ignorant self, not asking why Nigerians are always in trouble in other countries and most hated Africans on earth, look in the mirror Nigerians

  13. See this fool saying "Ghana here Ghana here" if your country was better why leave. Fools with devilish intentions. No wonder you guys are being killed in south African like fouls. All Nigerians ladies in my neighborhood are engaged prostitution. Nonsense !

  14. It annoys me when I hear some Nigerians saying can you imagine Ghana departing Nigerians. This means, as if Nigerians are so special and therefore, they can go to any country and behave any how and go Scott free beacause they are Nigerians . Only stupid Nigerians have that kind of notion. The smart and good thinking Nigerians know that such things never happen in any where on this planet. Let any foreigner come to Nigeria and start kidnapping Nigerians , doing arm robbery, computer fraud etc. You will see what will happen to him. They will kill him. In 1978 I went to Nigeria on a business trip. That time a Ghanaian was killed on a firing squad by Nigerian authorities citing that he had robbed somebody which Ghanaians who knew that young man disputed the charge as false. They said somebody flamed him and they never spared his life by putting him in jail but killed him. When I came back to Ghana after the trip I advised all my younger brothers never to go to Nigeria no matter how hard it is in Ghana. In the eighties, when Ghana must go was going on in Nigeria, my roommate’s in New York brother was brutally beaten to death by Nigerian police in Lagos for doing nothing wrong except for the fact that he was a Ghanaian and they didn’t want him there. Let me ask all Nigerians where were African Union and Ecowas then when Nigerian government was doing all these atrocities to other African Nationals especially Ghanaians. So stop talking rubbish when some of your people are behaving like animals in Ghana. See how Nigerians are behaving in Ghana, if it were the opposite, the Nigerian Authorities would kill all of them . Ghana cannot unlawfully take somebody’s life and they cannot put them in jail and fed them also so the best alternative is to send them back to where they came from. There are thousands of law abiding Nigerian citizens living in Ghana and nobody is going after them why because they know how to live in someone’s country. I have
    lived in United States since 1979. Do you think if I don’t follow the laws of this land, the US Government will allow me to stay here for that long? I want those shallow minded Nigerians to answer that. I rest my case.

  15. See mr.Comedian or whatever u call ur Self stop ur ignorance and learn how to
    talk.Always Ghana, Ghana,Ghana..aaba…why all this Nonsense talk from some of Nigerians..yes we know our Country is not big as urs and for ur Information no body force ur peoples to our Country to do some Criminal acts..

  16. No wonder Nigerian is fuck up…keep on looking down on Ghana. What does Nigerian has that Ghana don’t???

  17. Nigerians see themselves as better than Ghanaians which is really dumb or stupid.  In actuality, Nigeria follows Ghana in everything that she does.  Independence, and other events.  Who was the first black person to head the United Nations? Kofi Annan. Who was instrumental in forming the OAU, Kwame Nkrumah.  On the international scene, Ghana is known for good things.  Ghana will be a different country by now if she discovered oil more than 30 years ago like Nigeria.  When Clinton, Bush and Obama came to Africa, which country did they visit first?  Ghana.  So cut the bull______t.  Ghanaians are more reserved while Nigerians are arrogant and like to boast.  That is the main difference.

  18. Stupid people. Why do you keep saying, Ghana, Ghana? Ghana being smaller than your country does not mean we should fold our arm n watch you these criminals commit crimes in our country. We are small yes, but we got our stuff right. You are big but what have you done, you have produced professional criminals yet you have no shame to be making noise about how big your country is. As the size is what matters. Get out of our country, period n simply get out. Go back to your stupid big country useless people.

  19. I will never sympathize any Nigerians again whenever problem they will in the Cotinent bass on their attitude

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