Has an internet blackout killed Sudan's revolution? – BBC News

In Sudan, the ruling Military Council has switched off the internet in response to protests which took place on 3 June 2019.

BBC Africa’s Security correspondent Tomi Oladipo visits Khartoum and looks at how the switch off is affecting both the protesters’ ability to organise and also the economics of a country that was already struggling financially.

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  1. Who cares, as long as it does not affect my internet . Muslims are not supposed to be on the internet anyway it says so it that Quran book they are all BRAINWASHED with .

  2. Dear BBC News,
    The way I see it, no matter how many upgrades and gadgets
    "The Book of Faces" gets,
    it will *never* be able to wash you’re dishes, garden, cook, clean or bathe for you.
    Also, *Anti social media* will *never* replace a hug! 🙅
    Love from Michigan USA 💗
    Peace ✌

  3. We should strive to invent a technology that allows internet access without passing through governments. Maybe via satellite and there is a need to make very cheap

  4. A low IQ stone aged people cannot be ruled by a democracy. As every dictator knows, such people only understand brutal force. The very best scenario for Sudan is to welcome White rule. Under White rule no one starves, everyone has clean drinking water, every child can attend school. White rule means prosperity for all.
    White people – truly a gift to all mankind.

  5. what revolution.
    All are designed western chaos. And these so called protesters are nothing but brainwashed zombie.

  6. Internet blackout and selective restricted bandwidth is best for all countries, it’s become a nuisance, and is a dirty filthy pest which pukes hatred and is disgusting. It’s a meme syndrome, looser mentality.

  7. Another EUrotrash British Colony left in a mess. Lol LondonStan is their for the Brits to enjoy. Make sure you rub the Brits nose in their Shit!

  8. Just like the BBC did to Tommy Robinson when he exposed their propaganda by catching the BBC red handed with undercover footage #Panodrama

  9. Coming to the UK for free tax .free home free food .free bills free car .free school free nhs free bus s.free tv licence .the new labour is ready to kill off the uk .byeee nannystate shithole

  10. What’s happening about the Peterborough election scandal? Are the police still investigating the postal vote rigging allegations, or has there been a coverup.

  11. Like the old saying goes, "he who controls the information, controls the world". This social media is a government’s worst nightmare come true, because they no longer control the information being fed to their sheeple. Sudan just banned the whole internet to deal with the problem, but other governments in Europe just pressure the social media companies to remove users that speak against them. For years the US based social media sites refused to cooperate with the EU countries that told them to take down videos that they said violated their hate speech laws. Since the EU has threatened these companies with large fines and also threatened to block their sites from Europe, these cowardly companies have given in, and are banning people such as Tommy Robinson at the request of the UK government. Everyone should stop using facebook, twitter, and you tube and go to sites like bitchute that don’t censor free speech. These big 3 social media sites convinced Obama and the government to pass laws years ago, that protected them from lawsuits. The claimed they didn’t violate anyone’s 1st amendment free speech rights and that they were neutral platforms for everyone, but recently they have started banning people such as Alex Jones and other conservatives. Time to abolish this law and allow these companies to be sued for violating our 1st amendment constitutional rights.

  12. The time is coming when we the British people will no longer put up with your manipulation and agenda ridden bullshbit. The momentum is growing at last.

  13. Organize on the ground like black Americans did in the 1960s. Word of mouth is your best advertising! Get to work black people! You don’t need to be a slave to the internet!

  14. Colonial regime changes at work,these scumbags need your oil.They don’t and will never care about Sudanese people. Divide and rule 😂😂

  15. So disgusting how people shut down the internet in order to try to control people. This world is filled with evil & sorcery

  16. They turned off the whole internet? That’s pretty impressive.

    On a serious note, remember when IRC servers were made to stop these exact journalist blackouts? That was a good time.

  17. Well played Sudan’s guards, guard your country against Shias rebels or will become next Houthis Yemen, or Assad Syria, or nasrallahs Iraq, or Hamas Gaza, or Hezbollah Lebanon and etc etc , beware of Shia terrorists globally and especially in majority Sunni nations…..

  18. Just a question, wouldn’t it be easier if we mass printed posters and put it all over the city? Wouldn’t that get more people faster and easier?

  19. Over 500 people have been killed – including 19 children, thousands missing and thousands more detained. But we only care about humanitarian crises when oil or $ is involved. Sad truth in many cases.

  20. BBC why are you so slow uploading videos about actual relevant events in the UK? We seem to just get random articles from obscure places around the world. Most of your videos often have a massive left wing bias too. Rarely if ever do you do a positive article about English people or events going on in England. British people fund you so can you please start posting up to date videos that are relevant to British current affairs please? I can often get news articles about the UK from American sites days before you.

  21. A government can be defeated with, two way radios. The Mexican government was defeated by the cartels using this method.

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  23. Britain likes to talk about human rights, so why not help the refugees in the Middle East. This way the world is peaceful.

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