Ghana Sakawa King Abusua sends final warning to all Sakawa boys in Ghana including..

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50 Responses

  1. You guys should stop Abusua from coming to vision one. He’s still working for the devil in disguised of being a Christian

  2. Mr Journalist, please next time be a master at your office . Don’t let your guest dictate to you what to do.

  3. Really i dnt understand this guyoooooo he need to humble himself specially knw how to tlk to people

  4. You can’t repented and still having a connection with freelance this’s a fallacy,Abusua come again.

  5. I don’t see things clear πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€, I suggest u should try him on Ankafo maybe things will work out

  6. Mmmm this guy is still in the Ocuttic group, he needs to see the doctor right away, before it’s too late 😎😎😎😎

  7. with the exception of the river gods, trees, stools .the bosoms in Africa where all made for us to worship.this is one of the reason we hate our selves in afrokakraka.

  8. Abusua is confessing his sins what he has done so far that is gud of him.Ooooh Heavenly Father please come to our rescue,help our mother land Ghana Eeeeiiii 3wiese.Ghana is in deep darkness come and rescue our country Oman Ghana .😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. This guy has not repented now. He needs help and guidance. Bcs when you met Christ he change you totally like Saul in the road of Damascus. And Paul was bold enough to spoke against the tradition of men and Judaism worship without fear. So people shall be vigilant abt the strategy of the devil.

  10. Abusua is giving the nation warning from above and you guys are taking him for a joke. Today in GH, your own blood will kill you for one Ghana and drink anointing oil there after.

  11. Hahaha, The truth is this MAN wants to establish his occult. The develope souls know it. Abusua you don’t have anything for the youth. Only the creator (God).Listing to his words this man is still in his occult. My youth work hard and pray there is no gold on a silver platter.

  12. I live the street and love the street and I can never leave the street. Let those who have ears hear πŸ‘‚ and understand. Is only a wise person who will understand that he’s not a repent person…

  13. Any pastor that will ask you to pay before he or she pray for you is not real man of God

  14. Has I keep saying he’s still in the game and want more soul in the game. This is his publicity stunt for his job. He’s not making no sense. He’s arrogant and pride, and always trying to shut all presenters down and talk. People should stop granting him interviews..

  15. Why do you have to give the code to your love ones only? If you wanna save souls, like you are saying , then do it unconditionally.

  16. The God the rule all the universe, power is ☝️ are you kidding.. God save you..

  17. This guy is confused and is confusing Ghanaians..Today this tomorrow that you story not straight.

  18. Nana Abusua !!! Be straight forward, you are contradicting yourself, i know you are still in the freelance, but remember, there is no power that supersedes that of Yahweh Elohim. Freemason, Freeagent, illuminati, skull and bone, skyspace and all the others know the Supreme Being is Only Yahweh.


  20. This man has not change. He came out to have a go on his enemies. Now that they have settled him. He is here to apologise to them all.

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