Ghana Card Registration – News Desk on JoyNews (8-11-18)

Ghana Card Registration – News Desk on JoyNews (8-11-18)
NIA sued over digital address requirement

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  1. Hopefully the challenges with registration experienced in Adentan will help in smoothing out the process when it goes to other areas of the country.

  2. This is waste of. time. and waste of. money , in Europe here, they. do it in the office every. community has it office to do id card is not free you pay before get is 24 euro, if you need it you go to their n get it we are wasting money

  3. Not sure why internet connection should be an issue at this moment. There is something called local area network which is much more secured for a process such as this. Gather all the data you need and migrate it later to the home base server. Any checks and balances can also be done at the migration stage for added security. This will ensure the CIA thus confidentiality Integrity and Availability of the data at all times.

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