Ghana Card Registration – Joy News Today (12-6-18)

NIA officials collect data from Parliament; minority boycotts exercise

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  1. People of ghana, please get those people in parliament out of office who are selling your country to any country who puts money into your country! It is a tactic of the whites here in america and other countries! Once they invest in your country loans and money you can’t pay back they will take over your country wealth! Your ports, minerals, any thing of value! They will colonize you again! China, america, and anyone else trying to give you loans! I know melania trump is over there investing money into your factories and businesses! Don’t take the money! Use money from your own country only! Its a plot of donald trump’s to get your countries wealth! Don’t you know trump and his family are racist they don’t like black people! He’s been sued numerous times because he didn’t want black people in his apartment buildings! Then he called african african nations shit hole countries! He called neo nazi’s very fine people! Don’t do business with melania trump ! Or get those in parliament out of office for selling ghana to other countries! This is a white tactic and unless you want to be colonized again by white america i think you better kick thise who support doing business with foreigners out of office!!!

  2. This is what happens when one is reduced to copying and adopting others’ culture and foreign policies blindly!
    Western base their Policies on blueprints and pilot schemes, to test its viability before its eventual implementation or roll out for adoption!

    Ghana being an emerging country, isn’t yet ready for these copycat foreign policies, schemes or culture of the west yet, as there aren’t enough measures eg WAN, expertise, monitoring systems etc., set in place to enable the affordability of such mechanisms, to ensure a successful outcome!
    All Nationals of western of advance countries and cultures are given/issued with birth certificates at birth hence, the country’s ability to easily implement ID cards schemes, but, can the same be said for Ghana?

    Ghana has a different culture, yet to be developed or improved upon to meet those of western/international standards, as such, shouldn’t be coerced into adopting foreign policies when the infrastructure isn’t available yet, to meet those policies, as such, must be approached, studied and adopted with caution!

  3. They shouldn’t register Malians, Fulani,Togolese in our beloved country Ghana they are not Ghanaians

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