Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda – Joy News Prime (1-1-18)

Pres. charges entrepreneurs to leverage available technology

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  2. How sure are you that those presently claiming to be Jews are the real Jews? These ppl don’t recognize Christ as the messiah, so, I don’t understand why Christians (so-called), cheerleading for these political Jews?

  3. Muhammad was a monster murderer and a child of Satan John 8:44 because the character of the Arabs is a proof, black mosley so should learn sense about how the Arabs hate black colour by calling blacks ABD meaning slave

  4. Who told you Jerusalem is for Israel? That’s why many Africans are still slave to western, the bible is by who? Fool go and ask the religious Jewish and hear what they will tell you fool, or ask historians, they enlave you and put this fake book and tell you this is from God and you just believe it without studying it, it contains thousands of contradictions you fool, you will be fool forever

  5. This fake white people are not the real jews , brainwashed fools.real jews are black people.

  6. there is only one QURAN and hundreds of bibles,, can l ask this pastor which bible refereces is he giving

  7. Great man of God, the white people living in Israel (the Ashkenazis and Khazars converted jews ) are the decendants of ancient Israelites?

  8. Arabs call black shatan meaning Satan,African moslems should travel and see how Arabs are treating blacks

  9. This pastor is contradicting himself , The bible said God will build the new Jerusalem that will descend on the new earth so why are they still worrying about
    the one built with hand.
    As far as I know Jesus left that place curse and he cried over it .further more people in that land today didnt recognize Jesus as Lord and Savior plus
    This present Jerusalem is political or Israel was created by gentile in 1948.

  10. Stupidity who told you the people in Israel are real Jews and what makes you think that the fake document called bible is authentic. Christianity is the demon of the world

  11. Leave Jerusalem alone from your political debate. It’s only God who can determine what to do with Jerusalem. This political debate is Anti-Christ?

  12. Went from giving almost four minutes of air time to a guy rambling on about Jerusalem followed directly about GJA awards controversy. Sadly this qualifies as a news program in Ghana. Joy News is in serious need of a program director-just sad!!

  13. Africans should stop fooling ourselves with foreign religion, why did the Catholic refused black person as a pope?because they know black man is evil

  14. These pastors didn’t see fit to speak out against the enslavement of Black Africans in Libya.

  15. The president of GJA who doesn’t know how to speak , shame unto y’all . You give positions to those who doesn’t have a clue what so ever he/she is called to represent , cuz of corruption and lack of integrity.

  16. This man doesn’t know who real Hebrew Israylite are……..very big shame. Why even using God instead of Yahweh. They know nothing. He should go and research

  17. It’s time West Africans and those in South as well as those sold into slavery, get united and learn the Torah by obeying every bit of the words spoken in the Holy Scriptures. I ain’t talking about the black Christian Bible, I am talking about the real and original Holy Scriptures. The Bible is contaminated. There is nothing like God, Jesus Christ etc. Lets follow the ways of our great great grandfather’s and mothers. Praise Yahweh.

  18. Stupidity who told you the people in Israel are real Jews. These are people from all over Europe who came back to settle there,and what makes you think that the fake document called bible is authentic? Christianity is the demon of the world. An illiterate Christian fools

  19. Fool go and read the Torah to find what Jews think of Jesus Christ and Christians Ghana is not part of Essaw

  20. But d Kwame Nkrumah himself wasn’t a Christian n do u really read ur bible very well then do ur research well those u call Jews are not they are from eastern Europe so u are d real Jew so fuck d Americans n d fake jews

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