Germany: Gambian worker fears deportation | DW English

Asylum seekers in are often expected to integrate and find work in their new home. But what happens when they do do precisely that? It certainly doesn’t offer them any protection from deportation – as several recent cases in Baden-Württemberg suggest.

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  1. When they deport him to Gambia, he will be killed by undercover people, am a Gambian I know what am talking about.

  2. So far, Gambia is a peaceful country, how will political asylum help him?
    If he (or any other refugees / immigrants with the same intention) is / are looking forward to staying and working in a foreign country, he / they should get proper education and qualification for that job. Am definite with the right education, you will definitely not be seeing deportation papers or worry about migration department knocking at your door.

  3. Yup, keep him in Germany to take a job from a German…. Must keep replacing the German Population. Destroy all White Countries!!! Merkel and the EU’s Mission. When will Germans stand up to this?

  4. bro don’t worry if Gaman deport u there is meny Gaman citizens in Gambia we also deport them back or distory there besness

  5. Hahaha….ich habe 2 Jahre in Gambia gelebt…keinerlei politische Verfolgung dort…das friedlichste Land in Afrika…es geht lediglich um finanziellen Wohlstand, der dort schwerer erreicht werden kann als hier, da der Euro dort weitaus mehr Wert ist als der Dalasi. Ist das wirklich ein Gambier? Das sollte man sich auch fragen, denn viele sagen Sie kommen aus Gambia, sind dann aber aus dem Senegal, aus Nigeria oder Sierra Leone. Der deutsche Staat sollte sich nicht so verarschen lassen.

  6. Germany has no qualified citizens to work for you, LIE, there are lots of Germans looking for work or maybe you just want cheap labor. Either way he has to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If he isso necessary why does his emplyer have to still givehim istructions. Plus, he initially was given asylum. Here goes the recurring they all use to gaim sympathy: "IF I RETURNS THEy WILL KILL ME".

  8. That black guy is clearly an economic migrant and not a political asylum seeker. Here in Japan we do not tolerate such bogus claims. Europe is very soft that’s why these people abuse the system.

  9. The diffilculty comes from not training new workers. The situation in Gambia has changed and many are returning from Senegal, however for anyone returning from Europe it will certainly find it a cultural and economic step down. So it is not surprising many do not want to return to such a poor country.

  10. Is there a war in Gambia ? Send him back home l to the tourist destination he comes from the filthy scrounging economic migrant

  11. Very sad am sleeping in the street Sweden here I have work 😪😥 😪😭 😭😭 Gambian people I don’t know what we do to Europe people if they don’t like us and they’re calling us Gambia is smiling cost of the Africa that’s crazy what’s the

  12. These jobs should have been for German citizen. Shame on Merkel look what she did this
    to her own country. German people vote her out I of office. It is done everyday in USA. Make your vote count. Save money Germany, by deporting freeloader. Yeah he has 3 wives and 6 kids. Deport him back to Italy. It’s the law. To us in America he would be an illegal immigrant cause he broke the law by not staying in Italy.

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