Gérard Prunier: "Something enormous is changing in Ethiopia"

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Gérard Prunier discusses the opening up of Ethiopia and it”s improved relations with Eritrea.

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16 Responses

  1. with out western we form strong strong…relation ship!!!!! This is example for all over the world. If u wanna peace ,intimidation is unnecessary…white people is silent killer…

  2. What- "justification"?

    There was a "no war- no peace" policy from Ethiopia, supported by the international community for 20 years?

  3. The whole lawless governing system of Eritrea will collapse its just a matter of time and the power will be to the masses.the question is what type of aftermath comes next.i hope peace stays entact.the new administration in Ethiopia is reformist and seems legit to change and march the country to democracy thus comes sustainability and prosperity but at the same time if u can praise and legitimize barbaric dictatorship that has destroyed the social fabric of a whole nation what can stop you from turning to a dictator.

  4. But Badame is allegedly a strategic military base, and Eritrea has been expanding from a tiny puny settlement which fought Yohannes to expanding to Afar and now Badame funny thing is how they make up history

  5. Shut shut shut up! You have no authority to talk about Eritrean. You know all about the faild regem change ajenda and unjust sanction. Please stop mentioning Eritrea. You are evil creating mess with your fake information.

  6. Wrong, ISAYAS went to ethioia as a hero. You are wrong , we are not fed up of isayas. Isayas was a leader during war. Refugee was during war. So we were at war. So white man, Shut the fk up

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