Gambia's president speaks out against press freedom

Gambia’s newly elected President Yayha Jammeh has used his victory to threaten journalists, saying he will not allow one percent of the population to destroy the country. Duration: 02:23

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  1. m Michael’s brother you are absolutely right and when they could not use you they call you a dictator they forget those are the kind of President they like but unfortunately for them Yahya jammeh is not their puppet so they call him all kinds of names

  2. all you peopole are idiot egnorant stupid,i wounder what kinds of huiman are you
    jammeh wil roule gambia forever, if any body dont like it let he or she kill him or her self, stupid

  3. The press wants to write but they are not willing to take the responsibility of what they write,so this is what jammeh told them to be responsible of what they are writing period

  4. rainbowsix0dust you don’t know your true history what ever you are the entire western world have systematically destroy Africa divide and conquer for hundreds of years took all their resources and wealth land you name it they have done it to the entire continent and still continue to till this day now they use democracy to destroy the entire world if you are a strong leadership that stood up to them they call you a dictator but if you are the kind of leader that gives them what ever they want from your country you are their best friend and you can do no wrong while you people are so poor remember the Roman Empire still exist they are still doing the same thing they have always done to the true children of Israel it’s the same war that never ended between Jacob and esua

  5. Zionist Propaganda always talking shit about Africa using their hypocrisy and African puppets who would sell their own mother for the Dollar.

    The Colonials have been and are still killing millions upon millions of black and brown, yellow people all over the world for centuries. And now these hypocrites using their racist NGO Alphabet agencies such as AFP CNN BBC IMF ICC AU UN, to slander Africans.

    Go after your own: Assange , Snowden, Vanunu

  6. @lmjfbk You must be one of the stooges that follow Jammeh around like a beggar. Are you on his payroll too? Jammeh is an ignorant, psychotic fool and he will get what Gaddafi got, and the sooner the better.

  7. @lmjfbk Its ironic that you claim that we are ignorant and stupid when you can’t even spell basic English. I’d say you fit your own description. Jammeh is a fool and will someday be overthrown, his own ignorance will assure that. When that happens you will be cleaning toilets at the Kairaba.

  8. @boatwirer jameh has been elected by gambian peopole, so we dont need so call gambians to interfear in our country

  9. @pressurewillgo1 what are you guys doing in europe and america,drugs dealing sleeping wif dirty pussys,jammeh is for life

  10. @abiola100000
    the interview is very clear, unless stupid peopole
    does journalist are nt a journalist, is a shame to call them journalist

  11. Okay NATO time to roll and topple this assholes regime and introduce it’s leaders to ”AMERICAN DEMOCRACY OVERSEAS DELIVERY." Lead the charge and crush this dictator and liberate Gambia."

  12. How can anyone believe ”PressTV, Fox News, Russia Today, etc." The world is full of idiots how will believe what ever they are told."

  13. I remember Jammeh when he was a lieutenant. He was stupid and vicious then and he is even worse now. I can only hope someone puts a bullet or 10 in him. The Gambia used to be a great country to visit but with this ignorant clown in power it is a cesspool of repression and ignorance.

  14. Obviously you have never been to the Gambia and have no clue. "Democratic" elections around the world are open to broad and ambiguous interpretation and most often corrupt governments manipulate the process in order to appear as a real election, but they are not. Jammeh imprisons anyone he perceives as a threat to his power. As long as this brutal and stupid dictator is in power The Gambia has no chance for intelligent and dignified leadership. I really hope he’s overthrown, and very painfully.

  15. BANJUL (Reuters) – Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said that dozens of HIV/AIDS patients in the tiny West African state have been cured using his secret concoction of boiled herbs.

  16. Yaya Jammeh is a very charismatic man. He knows quite well how to use words to convince people to believe in him, regardless of the facts. In fact, this is what he relies on. He tries to come across as a statesman, when in fact he is a lying, devious serpent who destroys anyone whom he perceives to be a threat. He exploits his country to enrichen himself while his constituents scramble for biscuits when he drives by. May he die slowly and painfully.

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