Gambia's President Jammeh rejects election defeat

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has declared his “total rejection” of the results of his country’s December 1 election and called for his country to vote again — a week after accepting his defeat.

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  1. I’m just asking a question over in Africa America these narcissistic gentlemen that are running for president do not want to accept whatever the outcomes are whenever people are actually commenting on the

  2. ahhhh. a black run country where laws do not apply. ever wonder why they never become a modern country. well. don’t

  3. this guy talks like he have some kind of legitimacy in our country. hahah Jammeh is fooling himself. lately I have been watching videos of how Samuel Doe and Gaddafi died. we will Bucher this guy alive and the whole see it.

  4. After reading the comments I went and researched the candidates. It turns out Jammeh is a far-right conservative who is strongly anti-gay and anti-atheist, saying "If you don’t believe in God, you can never be grateful to humanity and you are even below a pig." So all you comparing him to Hillary should look at the facts.

  5. LOL, weren’t you idiots the ones claiming there was no such thing as voter fraud until crooked
    Hillary lost? I guess now that the Wicked Witch of Washington lost, we need to have another
    election until you propaganda "news" networks get the results you want.

  6. Another example of why the negro is obsolete. They cannot wrap their heads around concepts of democracy or freedom.

  7. Lol this is Trump in 4 years, except he will reject the results and force himself back into office

  8. President Jammeh has previously pledged to behead all homosexuals in the country saying that it is against Islam.

  9. Really? Now, isn’t that something? Let’s see what else is on the recommend-list on the right side screen… "farmer misses a goat in Zambia"…. "Nigerian price offers huge reward for e-mail-replies to business-propositions", hmm… "Missing bag of rice was probably stolen, say Chinese officials"…. oh, that last one sounds interesting *click*

  10. Everyone comparing him to Clinton. I think Trump is going to be the closest thing to a dictator you have ever had. He already has made it clear he doesn’t think much of freedom of speech. Good luck for the next four years.

  11. Fucking hell man! This is why Africa remains in ruins because of dickbags like this one. The nation is not yours its for the people and they want you out so fuck off!

  12. This guy is Gambia’s Hillary Clinton! The biggest joke is US is lecturing to him while the Democrats cannot accept the presidential election results

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