Gambia's new President Adama Barrow today @ Dakar, Senegal. 2017 update

Update: Barrow’s Inauguration January 19, was at The Gambia Embassy in Dakar Senegal. His swearing-in ceremony was 4 pm. this Thursday. Breaking News: United Nations Security Council gives the green light to remove #Yahaya Jammeh today ! ECOWAS & The African Union, state that Jammeh is NOT Gambia’s leader anymore.
Looks like Yahya is about to get his ASS KICKED really badly.
Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, Action Plan on Yahya Jammeh’s Stubbornesss, Friday Jan.13, did not go well. Jammeh’s plan not to step down from power gracefully has put Gambia in a Politcal Crisis. He has made things worst for him-self with his ‘OVER MY DEAD BODY’ attitude. So be it.
In shag Allah.
Gambia’s Jammeh loses to Adama Barrow in election result
Dec. 1, 2016.
Gambia’s President, in Power 22 years, Loses Election:
Reports The New York Times.
Congratulations to # Gambia for their successful elections. Momentous day for the Gambian people and democracy in Africa #GambiaDecides. Twitter Boris Johnson.
clip here: Leah Tunkara in the US (Maui Hawaii) enjoying Bank notes from the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh face is on the money in Gambia. We as African American love to see Black Presidents.
As we say in Jamaica FORWARD !

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  1. The Republic of The Gambia, is now what the country is called.
    WEST AFRICA in the News of 2017.
    Leah Tunkara

  2. Welcome home Gambians, FULA, MANDINKA, WOLLOF, SERER, SERAHULI, and JOLA
    …..and African America Lol. All going home to West Africa in 2017.
    We will bring our money, but please love us for more then our money.

    Leah Tunkara

  3. Press release: Nation Security Council gives the green light to remove # Yahaya Jammeh from Gambia TODAY !

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