Gambians Flee Torture, Repression

(Washington, DC, September 17, 2015) – Gambia’s government commits serious human rights violations against perceived critics and political opponents, perpetuating a climate of fear and repression, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

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  1. The Gambia is a muslim country so such nonsense will not be taking in the gambia fatou camara is co routing the gambia for bad news what is this

  2. Fatou is a criminal,she is selfish and greedy until she was in trouble and knew her share of the cake is over then she ran talking nonsense. If it were still cool for her she would’ve been defending the Jammeh administration.

  3. Look brothers and sisters the gambia don’t mind those devils looking for peace but will find none. Gambia is already been blessed by our grandfather’s and no evil men can harm our motherland. Now they’re on the media after all been kick-off for there duds.Where are they now extending there hands to there masters for dayly brackfast and lunch and behind them being laugh buy there master’s as fulls to distabulise our beloved nation Gambia, so are they good wishers for gambia? and looking back to there stories during office been treated fairly but they were there for bad reasons. Did Gambia need these guys?,no not at all, The Gambia needs these already there doing good job for there nation Gambia.Gambians are proud to be Gambians but not bad wishers,so Gambia is strong and no evil men can bring division into our dear motherland The Gambia we love,sorry and buy!!!!!!

  4. Keep your head up gambia. The power belong to the people. There is a light at end of the tonal # never give up # keep fighting # don’t let the dictator wine # smiling coast Gambia

  5. There is only one bullet needed to end a dictatorship. Nobody moves? But a dictator can kill and torture as much as he desires? Nobody moves? Only when it’s about gain like oil or gold, then people moves.

  6. No wonder why there are so many people that are fleeing Africa & the Middle East to go to the European Union. They don’t want to live under a dictatorship, they want to reunite with their families in the European Union & they want to escape to freedom. Let these people into the European Union, Norway, Iceland & Switzerland & give these people sanctuary. This is what the far right & anti immigrant folks in North America & Europe will either never understand because they choose not to understand or they’re too ethnocentric racist &/or xenophobic or they do understand, but they the choose not display it through their actions &/or through their words.

  7. I know some Gambians and work with them in Germany. The ones I know are devout Muslims and are clean, intelligent and very correct. It seems that every African country, specially the ones that were under colonial administration, have to have some sort of counter revolution to find themselves. Is it an over reaction to rid themselves of any colonial past or is it just bad luck with those that come out on top? Or, perhaps the African way of thinking is just not understood. Colonialism is of course not correct but an outside administration that implements rule of law in a land that is just,fair and impartial can provide stability and peace.

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