Gambia in Turmoil – Today's Big Story on Joy News (30-12-14)

Gambia in Turmoil on Joy News. Video upload by: Barima Osei Asare (

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  1. He is not repressive but rather lawful and a fair leader.
    Remember he took Gambia out of the stone-age.
    His govt built the country’s first university, TV Station, modern roads and basic infrastructures.
    Like any patriotic leader he will face criticisms especially the from unpatriotic and the corrupt people he removed from power.

  2. One thing we all need to no is that there is no way and no room for violence. Gambia is one of the best stable and peaceful country in the world. We pray for peace and progress going in there to continue. Amin. you all opening your mouth saying words of act to bring down that peace. put in mind if this attack was held in your House, apartment, work place, and country how would you feel. lets hope and pray for peace. Thats what we need. War to hell and no room for it. peace for ever. 

  3. Jammeh he’s still our favorite president.. He love the gambia 🇬🇲… Since he left this country things getting worse and worser.. He’s the of Africa 🌍

  4. lol, wow you have to love the press propaganda and how they misrepresent statements. #1 for those who haven’t seen or heard that interview where he said "i would rule for a billion years" , ever so conveniently leave out the last part when he said "If by the will of Allah". In other words if God will have me lead to do his will, i’m a willing servant" . #2 It wasn’t a Coup, it was an attack that was derailed by the gambian government. #3 Gambia is NOT in turmoil. 

  5. Woman you are a stinky liar. Gambia is the most peaceful country in the world.

  6. That is sad that there is turmoil in the country of the Gambia in Africa,as that is Alex Haley ancestro Kunta Kinte HOME and he was brought to america during the slave trade and Kunta was made a slave and he WAS slave and when he tried to keep his OWN name of KUNTA they so cruelly and brutally whipped him and they hurt him so bad that the person nearly killed Kunta. The person was making Kunta take the name of Toby.

  7. you people should be talking about ghana and that vast corruption in there from top to down plus media and pastors shame onto u all and leave our gambia in peace there is peace ok

  8. As a british in UK, i think jammeh did a good job. in 20 years he developed the country more than a guy who was there 40yrs. so he deserve respect and i think Africa which includes gambia shouldnt encourage the west to rule us still. so long live jammeh

  9. And he is right…there is not sufficient evidence of evolutionary theory.   And they should stop teaching that nonsense in the schools. Keeping the masses confused while only a few are seriously studying worth while science, trying to catch up with the scientific knowledge of Africans of the past. 

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