Frustrated migrants pose challenge to new Gambia

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Thousands of Gambians who attempted to migrate to Europe in search of a better life are back on home soil. That’s thrown up major challenges for the country’s new government.
Trouble is brewing for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s main opposition alliance. The UDPS being torn apart by bitter infighting – and divisions over who is the party’s real leader.
And the people of Cape Town are counting down to Day Zero, when the taps in South Africa’s second-largest city will be turned off.

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4 Responses

  1. Where is all that fund given by the EU to support the returnees it seems that you had silence with that fund’s is these the type of changes and democracy you had fighting for you are all hungry for power just for enrichment though yaya jammeh messed up but you are even worsened than him in terms of supporting the youths for a better life because you always think about yourselfers before the people who elected you (stop telling lies to the world and be honesty to your people) others first self last take that and always it as your motto so called pious in the absence of money.

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