Fresh unrest in Johannesburg | Mahlako Komane reports

Fresh scenes of unrest in Johannesburg.

Mahlako Komane reports

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  1. What are kids doing in such a place? This is wrong training and this is how they build wrong ideology in their head. Responsible adults ought to admonish these kids.

  2. SA with all their rubbish bigmanizm are hungry people, showing the world their illiteracy which the white among them are making them feel, black hating black! FOOL!

  3. South africa are making a big mistake to chase out or killing people from other african country, there’s so many peoples from south africa works to other african coutry accept vice president of south africa have got own businesses #Coltan,cobalt diamond in DR congo and south africa citizens are working there never get attack or kill ,u think about it stop be stupidly u guy

  4. Foreigners will go home and they can be able to travel to other places rather than S A the issue is South African will hunted wherever they go for very longtime

  5. if guys from nigeria brougt more drugs in sout aftica logic that these people from sout africa get mad!!but dont kill the wrong nigerians,the nigerians that work hard with their own buisnes selling food ,clothes etc you cant harm them,but drug dealers from nigeria and realy drug dealers i have no problem to trow them out of your land!!

  6. The police officers are fat n lazy the hoodlums are skinny n stupid the head of snake is laughing, missions is accomplished.

  7. Bring back APARTHEID, they understand that language. You don’t pet a wild dog, you tame it. Hoodlums that refuse to gain skills that enables humans compete. Expecting the white-man to feel sorry for you and give you handouts for free

  8. South Africa has lost it credibility and the leaders have failed africa.this barbaric. Behavior can not be found anywhere in the world even the war torn Afganistan. Bow your heads in shame the ppl of SA

  9. Is this xenophobia or afrophobia? Are non- African businesses also being attacked? How will things change once all "unwanted" businesses and persons have been eliminated and removed. If they were employing local South Africans then there may still be a problem. Julius Nyerere once said that the tendency/sin of segregation (dhambi ya ubaguzi) knows no boundaries and will continue until it decimates itself. He likened segregation to cannibalism (kula nyama ya mtu)! Let us hope and pray that South Africa finds its way out of this predicament.

  10. Let South Africans come out clearly!!! Who are the Foreign Nationals they are refering to? Are the Chineese, Indians, British etc… excluded? Ive not seen any of the WHITE Foreign Nationals being ordered to leave! So should we take it that the attack is on the BLACK Foreigners? Blacks are always VICTIMS of the Situation (LUCKY DUBE)

  11. They don’t hate white ppl..not indian.ppl.not asian.ppl.not arab.ppl..only afrikan dark skin who look just like them..talking bout self hating…dis is afrikan dark skin hate.notin more to add

  12. South Africans has gone Mad,they dont want to be Africans anymore,the reasons they attack anything that looks like them framing up any excuses to attack anything thing or body that looks like them.

  13. Where are those that against this bombo situation in South Africa ? Can’t they come out more to show support for all affected ? What goes around comes around

  14. Singaporean laws. Sterilizations, and just do not go there. All foreigners should act respectful in any country, that they visit. We remember..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. The spirit of the air is operating in the sons of disobedience worldwide Satan and his demonic spirits forces like a roaring lion walking to and fro knowing his time is running out shortly this is a spiritual warfare to divide and conquer the whole world a house divided against itself will and cannot stand!!😳😳!!

  16. Sometimes I regret being born black. How could you turn against your own brothers in same continent? The very people who helped you come out of Apathy. If you don’t need them in your country, just amend your laws n let them go back peacefully than brutally killing them. SA is writing their own history. Who knows tomorrow?

  17. Wonders enough up to now never heard USA uttering any thing about what happen in this country but they ready to work on fake message, I hate about this they call big Nations.

  18. The keep saying that this thugs are coming from the hostel . So my question is why the police are not going to the hostel and catching this fools 🍲💼👀😇

  19. It’s right they need to be handed of power to the white people . totally they are lower capacity to handle power . hopefully they will go back white rule and they cry again

  20. are these people human or animal? wonder africa is a shithole continent…very soon other country will do same to your citizens in their african countries…dstv,vodafone,shoprites,mtn..are in danger in africa….trust me.

  21. Came south africa in 2008…learn english…graduated Pretoria University…met the partner of my life…left in 2017….best time of my life there with friends….this is not the country i know for sure

  22. Watch Tsotsi 2005 film and understand poor south africa. solution is provide jobs,social housing, quality education and health and solid public services. this applies to all african countries

  23. malema he is saying stop this killings but no action we are tired by this killings of our people let all other Africans come to other Africans countries and SA must go back to their country;let them kill each other there

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