Free trade in Africa

*The African Continental Free Trade was officially launched with Nigeria announcing it will be joining*

After its entry into force on 30 May 2019, the Continental Free Trade Area still raises many questions, particularly about its chances of success and its impact on the continent.

An issue that will be at the heart of the 33rd AU Extraordinary Summit to be held in Niamey, Niger.


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5 Responses

  1. But, Wall Street perfected esoteric theft also, Thus, a band of thieves,…therefore, the pot is calling the kettle black, which can be stainless steel as an alternative. And, Cesare Borgia was not Jesus and Wall Street is/was benefitting from such foolishness, with a Bank of God Account and accountants. China is using KNOWLEDGE and productivity to acquire global domination, by the way,,, The God is Knowledge. Yes………..

  2. Here’s a Dose… THE GREATEST HOAX OF OUR TIMES ……religion
    ** The Twelve Tribes of Israel, are family, from the House of David **, when Solomon disobeyed the Most High.
    Gen. 49:1 – Jacob..who was made Nations of, called his sons, and said gather together so he can tell what will happen to them in the last days. 1 Kings 11:9-13 – So the Most High stirred up adversaries against Solomon. Jeroboam rose up against Solomon. 1 Kings 11:26-36 – From this time the Kingdom was split into two kingdoms, Judah (Southern Kingdom), Israel (Northern Kingdom). 1 King 12:19 – The Most High raised up the Assyrians against Israel (Northern Kingdom). 2 Kings 17:3-8 – Israel (Northern Kingdom) went into captivity under the Assyrians. Then they were dispersed to go over the rivers. 2 Kings 17:18-24 – These are the Ten Tribes which were carried away prisoners out of their land in the time of Hosea. The Apocrypha an extension of the bible. 2 Esdras 13:40-47 – The Ten Tribes entered into the Euphrates, came through the river. And through that country was a great way to go of a year and a half. Note.. The Tribes didn’t come through the bearing strait, like so-called European historians state in history. These Ten Tribes came to North, South, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

  3. A much needed agreement, it is. But African leaders must reduce and eliminate all government debt denominated in US dollars, the Chinese yuan or European currencies. A macro economic rebalancing is taking place globally. African economies will suffer if this advice is not taken. Furthermore, as China weakens economically, including countries in the European Union, they will all attempt to exploit Africa aggressively. Their loans must be refused and any offers to buy their goods must not include a set price for a predetermined time period. In time, these situations will occur so remember these words I send to you.

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