Farmers convicted in South Africa coffin case – BBC News

South African farmers who forced man into coffin are convicted on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping

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23 Responses

  1. GOOD!…..this young man was NOT trespassing he was trying to take a short cut to work, there was no need for these white farmers to torture and torment him.

  2. The BME Broadcasting Corporation doing its usual reporting on global events that criticises whites, no mention of all the black-on-black horrors that occur in Africa on a daily basis (or in the Killing Fields of Chicago)?!

  3. Where’s the stories about all the white farmers being slaughtered in South Africa?,oh that’s right,covered up like the Jimmy Savile stories at BBC.

  4. Beware of Gulbanu a malaysian lady that keeps enemys of Islam next to their homes in east london near the area of mini holland. The satan army is at summit road they drink beer in the car park.

  5. Get with the program everyone, whites do ALL the evil in the world. As a matter of fact they are born evil and can never atone for the sins of their fathers. As soon as the BBC can help the world be rid of them, the better. It will be a peaceful world then at last.

  6. As a white I’m embarrassed but I’d gladly like to point out bbc doesn’t disable & filter the comment section like they do with Muslim attacks & black racism. Interesting

  7. Yet thousands of white farmers are murdered every year,and the liberal BBC avoids these murders. They are not just murdered , but chop to pieces, burnt with irons and the woman raped, but I guess the BBC is ok with this as the victims are white.

  8. Bbc fake news promoting white genoside and pushing globalism !!!!
    Don’t watch or pay the bbc they are corrupt there journalist are activists with an agenda …

  9. Do they really think that they are going to redistribute the land? Do they have an honest government that works for the people so they won’t starve to death? Have they been taught how to farm on the land that’s soaked with there own blood and who did this? Not these white farmers who could have buried this KILLER in his coffin and walk away! The people have learned nothing from the death of there murdered families!

  10. So this gets coverage? How many white farmers have been murdered this year? Yet radio silence from the bbc! You disgust me bbc.

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