Ex-Kenyan PM Mocks Nigeria; Osinbajo In Helicopter Crash; Senegal-Gambia Bridge; Zambian First Lady

Atiku appears on the hot sit of The Candidates with Kadaria Ahmed.

Ex-Kenyan PM Raila Odinga mocks Nigeria over corruption

Nigerian Vice President Osinbajo survives a second Helicopter crash in seven months

Senegal and Gambia are now connected by 1.1 mile bridge

Zambian first lady travels to America with a 25 people delegation to receive the donation of four used ambulances.

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  1. Zambia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau. All of the leaders are are wicked. Even the devil don’t want them, that’s why they don’t die.

  2. Afire onitaara! When your hands are not clean and you are rebuking the devil,he will be too angry to forgive your sin,they call on the devil and he gave them earth tremor.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Atiku and Buari has no future for Nigeria, look at what is saying, Nigerians some Nigerians are so blinded.

  4. It is very poor taste for a politician of another country to make fun of another country in this manner, knowing fully well that these days videos could be viewed by all and sundry across the globe. Shame on him. No I’m not Nigerian and I am fully aware of the corruption that reputedly plagues the country, but his action is still unjustified.

  5. That joke is my joke and no its not about a Nigerian its about an African in general. And its not about ministers its about engineers who were students together in the US.

  6. The vice president may not succeed the third one. God is either warning him or his masters are after him

  7. Sorry dear, but comparing you analysis of PDP’s collapsed stage and the crash of the Vice President’s helicopter, coupled with the APC ads approved for your show you are biased. However you try to hide it, as a journalist, I can tell. Smh no such thing as an unbiased media.

  8. Is that a baby bump I seeπŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ™pls don’t come for me o..Congrats babe!

  9. Please vote Sowore for President ooo come saturday make u all succeed, collect their offer, but choose No3 AAC and dis na message from Diaspora

  10. Atiku you will go to prison Mr atiku get ready you and your members believe me,father of all corruptions, war against indiscipline

  11. Nigeria IS A COUNTRY WITH SO much resources number six oil producing country in the wold and the people are starving it is a shame and the old time leaders with the old time ideas we need new leaders with new ideas the youth of this country is the future not these old men that need to go home and relax with the grand children

  12. We Africans are bound to be where we are by those who want us to be there.
    And these are our corrupt dictators in the likes of Obasanjo,Atiku,Amechi,Babangida e.t.c

  13. I dont believed Raila’s story is true but a form rhetoric. He was right and I loved it

  14. obi was right about Anambra investment. U can’t critise him bcus Nigeria never had a Man like him not even u ODEOLA . OBIS records speaks for him anytime anywhere. So you better don’t go there at all. Atiku is assumed to be corrupt but nothing to show this. why now he is in PDP not when he was in APC . Pls u better don’t be bias in ur presentation. I stand with PDP

  15. In the State of West.. Whaaaaat???
    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am deadπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. can this being done in Cameroon never no Cameroonian journalist can ask Paul biya of Cameroon with such hard question

  17. Adeola, you might be interested in having to know that the bridge did not actually connect senegal to the Gambia in the way it is been portrayed. The bridge is entirely in the Gambia and no part of the bridge comes close to touching any of the senegales borders.

    Looking at the Gambia, it is just a strip of land divided along the length into two(north and south) parts by a river. The so-called senegambia bridge simply connects the north and south banks of the Gambia at around the center of the country. practically, the bridge connects no part of senegal to the Gambia.

    What makes the bridge so important to Senegal is that, geographically, Gambia apparenly divided senegal into north and south banks. For people to travel from north to south senegal without crossing the Gambia, they must have to take more that 4 hours on rough roads before making contact with first settlements in the south. If they were to cross Gambia as well they will have to use the ferry services across the gambia which are often prone to long queues and wait times, but by using the bridge, they can reach south senegal in less than 2 hours using a short convenient route. This is especially crucial for heavy transports.

    -The Gambia was allegedly urged to name the bridge "Senegambia bridge" by the sponsors (ADB) which is interesting in itself (perhaps through Macky Sall’s lobby)
    -The bridge is actually not ready, work is still in progress but it is inaugurated
    -Election in senegal comes in a few weeks time.

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