Ethiopia's $475m Trains Beat Nigeria's $12b Trains!

Check out the difference between Ethiopia’s $475 million trains and Nigeria’s $12 billion trains!

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  1. Before yapping for views you should at least do reasearch on a tram and trains.
    Ethiopian tram is no different from trams in London Brixton’s, croydon’s or Manchester’s that cannot exceed 12mph While Nigerians and kenyan trains are similar if not better than trains that carry passengers and goods between lets say London and Edinburgh via many towns.Btw, Virgin trains or East coast trains are very much like Nigerian’s or Kenyan’s modern diesel trains.Ethiopian trams are just nothing but urban taxes or buses running without emmiting toxic fumes.
    One more thing that’s all troll!

  2. For 12 billions you could lay close to 90,000 km of pave roads, I think that would be better than the train for now

  3. Dubai Metro Station is very Beautiful GOD bless U.A.E also Abuja has also build New Metro Station and is also beautiful GOD bless Nigeria CHECK OUT THE BEST

  4. Idiots like you is the reason Nigeria is not moving forward, you don’t want to do nothing,all you know how to do is downgrade your country.

  5. From my experiences Nigerians seem to be the worse form human groups on earth… they have so much hatred, envy and evil in their hearts.

    Although the $12B amount is still a dubious one, I don’t think the Nigerian train is a a light train the the comparison is senseless. The Ethiopian one is also over-priced for such a light train.

  6. I watched a Documentary the other day of Nigeria importing Dryed fish from Scandinavian countries..!!Hey Folks,it’s gone & reached that far??…Hasn’t it reached a time we MUST re-examine ourselves??From LIBYA, DRC,KENYA,SA,NIGERIA..from the Northern peak to the Southern edge… LEGALIZED CORRUPTION,we seem to accept it as a culture.Foreigners rule with impunity…As the saying goes,"pay me peanuts & you get monkeys "..Oops did i say that??🙈But then on the other end it’s business as usual..chew peanuts & let monkeys be & remain monkeys..may be evolution process not yet complet..if women ruled the world,the better..a man’s balls dried up too soon..needs hydraulic jack ups!!👃

  7. What an arrogant oaf this Okube or whatever😑
    Anyway, the 12bn Nigeria is an SGR system linking major cities in your country transporting cargo and passangers.
    The Ethiopian light traing only serves commuters on two lines in Addis, so there is a distincion there.

  8. Mr stop talking nonsense, you bad blood in Nigeria, anti corruptions, don’t worry everybody will return Nigerian government money, corruptions must stop in Nigeria, you bad evil blood will pay back we must recover Nigerian government property and mother,confident everybody will get ready

  9. I don’t have much to say but thunder will fire Doyin Okupe for telling us that scrap

  10. Ask other countries to lend you billions if not happy.. Wisdom buy used good condition train half price

  11. All you know how to do is bringing Nigeria down … does this even make you proud as one of Nigeria descendants….. I know why your doing this is because your too ugly to make any sense …. Idiotic Adeola ( EP ) enemy of progress …. liar liar …. wonder where you get your own news from

  12. Ethopia is fast developing country, they are very serious, look at there aviation, best in africa.

  13. 非洲版凤姐,你行的,看好你。Fengjie African version, you will be great girl!stay cool!

  14. Adeola, thank you for your wonderful works… But for that biggest foolish man, may God take he souls overnight, yes oooo… As long they don’t wish Us any good things, they’re children will never never see any good thing toooo..

  15. Dear Adeola, I’ve been watching most of your videos and you need to leave us (Ethiopia) alone. 😂😂😂

  16. cause the tramway is built on the land directly. it’s cheap.
    on the other hand, you have to make tunnels and bridges for the railway

  17. Everything they’re doing in Nigeria is an advantage to stile money, stupid government, God punish that man that said Nigeria can’t afford new train.

  18. My sister I know you Make living out of this but you should provide your viewers with facts. And we are not dumb. For credible reporting you should provide some cost analysis. If UK have all the needed infrastructure and yet the Crossrail project cost them over £15b then I personally I am giving Nigeria a credit who started from no where

  19. I AM A PROUD NIGERIAN, THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THR WORLD. Congrats Nigeria.. Useless country with criminals

  20. Nigerians attacked when i pointed out the money used to buy fancy homes in Englands most expensive area could best be spent o the African continent. Aslon as Africsns we dont take pride in our own continent we going to keep crying Chinese this and that. Imagine they are ready to spend unlimited money on the continent, what because they are stupid. No because they can triple their investment.

  21. Naigeri an people need to wake up u guys are sleeping and kenya and Ethiopia is working u need to wake up

  22. Ghanaian too are not doing anything the government does not care about engineers in ghana if they do something a government will not mind them

  23. idk, but i feel that men who touch that girl shoulder just being rude. he seems uncomfortable with that question.

  24. Adeola, this robbot will not work in this your country, bet me. You can shout from now to eternity Nigeria is a fraud and can’t stand the test of time. You yourself check it.

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