Ethiopia: Very Funny – Fugera News | Episode 15

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42 Responses

  1. Dude I like this episode. Its just hilarious. I like how you compare and contrast these egotistical media outlet. Keep rolling out the truth and the fun. Thx.

  2. ante melata altechalkim eko
    gin feri endehonk yastawekibihal
    camera fitlefit honeh endejegna yadergihal ende
    esti lib kaleh weta bel
    mengist hailemariam endalew qithin neber mewgat!

  3. yet again, very impressive show.. keep up the good work guys. your humour with a pinch of sarcasm is a joy to watch compared to the negativity in our politics today.

  4. በትክክል ነው የገለጽከው ኢቲቪ አገርችን ያላየነውን ገነት አስመስል ያሳየናል ኢሳት ደግሞ ገሀነም

  5. Dude, I rarely comment on anything, but you guys are exceptionally good. Seriously bro, you are doing something that no one else seems to be doing. Your mocking all the stuff that needs to be mocked. I might be wrong but you guys are the light so many habeshas need. If most people thought like you guys do and took a chill pill, most of us here would get along pretty easily. Its not the problem thats mostly a problem, its how we think about the problem that is usually the big problem. And I know what type of hard work you guys put into those videos, its not easy to do! I have been there. So, ye arada lijoch, yemechachu! Bertu ketilubet! Ye lij’lijochachun yasayachu! Goterachu yemola yehun! Egzheir, Allah, Hindu gods, aztec gods, greek gods ena west african gods (although they all try to represent the same thing) tese’basbew yebarekewachu! 

  6. I enjoy your work. I really do but sometimes I don’t like the way u talk about ESAT…I mean come on now …sometimes u take it too damn far shit

  7. Love whatcha doin but don’t u have somethin to say about the "Expose-Fugera News" video relesed by someone else?

  8. Fugarewoch, what’s your obsession with pm hd? You made him your regular comedy punch-line/pinata, literally. I think it is "equivocally" unfair.

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