Ethiopia to be first African country to operate Airbus plane

Ethiopia will be the first African airliner to operate the latest Airbus passenger plane A350 – 900. The Ethiopian flag carrier has ordered 10 of these planes with the first delivery to be made mid 2016. The bird, with a capacity of more than 300 passengers, was taken to Addis Ababa on Wednesday for a test flight.

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  1. i have flown with Ethiopian airlines many time and i realy enjoyed the service they provided. Great to see African airlines operating latest planes such dreamline or the airbus 350S

  2. Around 15 million Ethiopians could be in need of food aid because of a drought in the country.Hardest-hit areas are Ethiopia’s eastern Afar and southern Somali regions, while pastures and water resources are also unusually low in central and eastern Oromo region, and northern Tigray and Amhara districts.

  3. This is big news Ethiopian Airlines beginning to move to another plane manufacturer? I never thought Ethiopian Airlines would even consider buying planes from anyone but Boeing I don’t think Tillerson will fix this.

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