Ethiopia Space Technology

Space technology is new to Ethiopia, but a lot is expected from two new telescopes that are part of Ethiopia’s development program. Marthe van der Wolf reports from Ethiopia’s space observatory.

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  1. Why do Africans confuse astronomy with spaceflight? A telescope is not a spaceship. You would use a telescope to LOOK at something in space. But a spaceship carries you into space so that you can get close to what telescopes can only look at. See the difference? It takes more intelligence to fly in space than it takes to use a telescope. I think that this is probably why Africans want to conflate them together: so they can seem to be smarter than they really are.

  2. i was commented the name of future ethiopian new space and my giving names are lucy, abissinia and queen of ethiopia . its very great to our country , i wish all the best.

  3. So long as it isn’t just a vanity project and actually helps ordinary Ethiopians in the long run, I say well done.

  4. yes the Sprit of I can do, working hard intelligently…smartly..through ly…constantly..mindfuly we can do it. astrology is not new for Ethiopia actually our ancestors were one of the first people diving to astrology unfortunately not me I don’t have time for science..we the past few genration. we have time for running our mouth 24 hrs a day throwing toxic words around..very sad

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