Ethiopia introduces first smart parking system in Africa

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa has introduced a first for Africa, a smart parking system to solve the lack of parking space for the hundreds of thousands of cars in the city. The system uses modern Chinese technology to park vehicles inside a steel structured building using an automated lift. Many people are already excited to see a tangible solution for the growing parking space problem in Addis Ababa. CGTN’s Girum Chala has more.

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50 Responses

  1. all I see are posts from Kenya, congrats Ethiopia, That project would cost Kenya $100M then it would collapse after a few days

  2. Those who think African people are inferior will learn a hard lesson. Go Africa, show your amazing ability. 加油

  3. I believe two countries can advance and move Africa forward, but only if they can find peace and unity; and that is Ethiopia and Somalia. the rest are used by foreign powers and will always be marred in corruption or stuck in the past

  4. This is great but what’s the government doing about ethnic ethnic cleansing against oromo and Somali. I’m sure Amhara people are also being marginalized as well. Are they working on fixing that problem too ?

  5. not bad, but i think owning car should be a privilege, so that less people can own car therefore not destroying our earth

  6. Right that’s the parking issue sorted. Now what about the ones that can’t afford a bowl of rice? Do you think they give a flying fuck about this? You’ve stooped a new low here I’m afraid.

  7. Big up to you Ethiopia. I see this as more proof that Africa can unite to become a powerful force in the world. We have the brains, the brawn, tons of natural resources, fertile lands, Amazing opportunity for tourism. If we can only get rid of the corrupt leaders that are being controlled by the west.

  8. Great work! Who do I talk to for a franchise arrangement in South Africa. We really need it for our Stadiums and air/train ports.

  9. 2.2 million USD….. For parking 90 cars while millions of people in Doolo zone are starving?! It’s a huge disgrace and I seriously wonder how many transport officials financed a new car to park in there with the kickbacks they received!!!

  10. 2 US Cents for an hour’s parking charge? Are you kidding me? That is like dirt cheap! I’d park my car in there for the whole year if that is true.

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