Ethiopia demands UK museum return ‘looted treasures’

‘It’s completely condescending to say nations are unstable and therefore cannot provide protection for the looted artifacts,’ says Awol Allo, Ethiopian Political Commentator, as Ethiopia demands UK museum return ‘looted treasures’.

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50 Responses

  1. Taken care of the stuff you fat ugly fuck? U mean conquer african countries and outnumber Ethiopia in a massive war. You aint a quarter of a man they were.

  2. the british helpp ethiopia to liberet from italy. bey alot to ethopia .and thi is the retorn from ethioa

  3. Great Britain is the biggest thief to ever live and their Museum is one of the best Crime scene

  4. The Africans in this case Ethiopians CREATED the art, HOUSED their art and then then these great works of art were stolen by European warmongering thieves. Give back their belongings you F’ing colonizing pillagers!! It doesn’t belong to you!

  5. Greediness.!!..You looted and enslaved our fathers,as if that is not enough,Our artifacts to remind of them,You want to take and have the audacity to say…You will return these artifacts and payback all the billions you have earned as profits since their date..thieves!!,Do we have the table of Abraham Lincoln,Roosevelt,King James, even the cup of the Queen here , and if by reason ,Yes,would you not ask to be returned,would you keep it in Ghana,Ethiopia,Nigeria,For What?!!!!
    You don’t even share profits if this was a collaborative efforts,guiltiness,we never asked you to take care of them,absolute nonsense,If they stayed or You have been wise enough to return what was not yours,would it be demanded in return here in their native homes like a thief?,It would have generated enough Funds to develop ETHIOPIA and built more financial aid to Ethiopian children,Ethiopia is the legal owner,The thing!! has been stolen by loot,and you have hidden it 200 years doesn’t make it your own,As far as the Artist of these never put them on sale that ownership should be transferred to you…show us your documents white man,You know the law but you pervert it to your interest.,The children of the owners must benefit and reap the royalties of timeless Investments of Their fathers …Why benefit from what your ancestors stole,"but our ancestors did it and you’re enjoying it,I see,Since you can enjoy the Grind relic of your ancestors,please do same to correct it…Awi fo!!

  6. Slim chance at best that they will be returned because, they feel entitled to them …The Europeans are teaching Americans & the world that Ethiopians originated from the caucasus mountains of Europe.

  7. We long to have them,Our souls Our hearts,Else we will begin from the the Genesis,this time a different game,woe be to you

  8. Why would you wanna try and take someone else historic artifacts and make it yours. Why would Sell em back to them when they are religus artifacts . Oh yea because they are CRIMINALS

  9. It’s infuriating, that the British museum is allowed to keep these things that are stolen and therefore do not belong to them and justifying not returning them with absolute nonsense.
    How dare this journalist insinuate that Ethiopia is not capable of taking care of what belongs to them. I’m certain if keeping the artifacts are no longer economically viable and/or there is a large enough public rebuke they will be released.
    Its an uncanny resemblance to the African slave trade and its subsequent abolishment. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

  10. The looting and plundering continues to the present day. Stealing everything, including Hair and Bones!!! lol.

  11. I hate the attitude of this white guy thinking these artifacts morally and legally belong to the British people. These are Ethiopia’s property. We want what is ours back.

  12. These pale devils have been the most vile creatures on this earth.
    They only understand the language of barbarism. We are in 2018 and they still on their devilry.
    Power only respects power and that is why Ethiopia, we are brilliantly cunning we will get our precious items back.

  13. This gentils nation London jugmen is coming Obadiah they don,t fair the most Hight there is a price to pay a anger most hight

  14. It’s not just Ethiopia that should claim their artcraft but the entire continent of Africa was rope off to the core. When they dare talking about immigration as they want us back home they should give us back what belong to us and let us rebuild what they have relentlessly destroy

  15. Such a load of hypocrisy. After 100 years Africa still has civil war and ethnic cleansing On a vast scale. Poverty, starvation, drought, poor to no education, bigotry, tribalism and more. Does anyone truly believe if these artifacts hadn’t been removed to museums in Europe, they would have survived, the wars and destruction Africa has brought upon itself. By all means Africa should have then back, and wait for them to be destroyed, and or looted by others. Nigeria can’t even protect school girls from Boko Haram abductions, how the hell is it going to preserve its history from marauders and those intent on destroying anything with a cultural association ?

  16. Fun fact: Ethiopia even looted brotherly nation of Eritrea historical monuments from the period of axum when it had the chance and supported backing of west….
    Point is they had same morals and were allied once which explains the similar attitude and aligned policies of flagrant violations of international law and illegal occupation of sovereign eritrean lands which wasn’t condemned by UN or AU the so called protectors of law…

  17. Europeans can afford to go to Africa to view those artifacts Africans can’t afford a trip to Europe so return them

  18. All Ethiopians didn’t protect Emperor Theodros II of Ethiopia while Emperor John IV guided and even shielded them that the British soldier be able to free the Captivated Britons from whom a single of them were not killed. IT IS A WAR CRIME TO LOT ALL ETHIOPIAN TREASURE AND ABDUCT THE SON OF THE EMPEROR. They came to free their captives; however, they put an innocent child to captivity. I AM ALWAYS ANGRY ABOUT THIS. THEY NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR BAD DEEDS AND RETURN OUR TREASURES IMMEDIATELY. THIEVES

  19. Nothing new for the former Great Britain people who looted and colonized almost all of the world nations. What a shme to deny the property of other nations.

  20. LOL how are you going to loan someone something that BELONGS to them? This UK commentator is a complete incoherent and uneducated man. He sounds like he needs a reality check.

  21. Yeah so true the fukn world owe us.. That white dood is a fool like he know his forfarthers stole these artifacts n now they wanna cast blame.. Fukn white people.. Just dirty..

  22. This thing sounds like the scene from "Black Panther" when he gets to a museum and take it all back to Wakanda

  23. Greece is stable and they still won’t return the marbles they stole. The British always have some excuse. The British have never officially apologized for any of their crimes.

  24. the white British people have no business to hold Ethiopian treasures , what makes them so important to Ethiopian people to hold such artifacts that belong to us ,how does this make them better than us and how in the world so they have such rights, Only The Lord God Holds That

  25. "We know What happens when we leave arifacts there" lol its not yours to begin with so just return it not a biggie and pls stop making it like you are the savior dumb guy

  26. British is a conqueror and more than conqueror. They are entitled to everything taken from Africa in their nuseun. I don’t support they return any of the artifacts to any African countries because our people are corrupt and would eventually sell them
    out or destroy them in tribal or political conflicts. Our people are not responsible and reckless. They don’t know the value of the resources God has given us. They shit on fertile ground; they porch their wildlife animals away in Chinese markets. However, Africa nations must have their own fair share of revenue from the museum income annually. They must not return any item back.

  27. Iraq and Syria??? um yes YOU caused strife and division THAT’S what happened! 90% of the wars in Africa are due to your Euro laylines dividing the land to benefit you!

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