Enemies Within – Ivory Coast

Feb 2003
The Ivory Coast was once the pride of Africa, leading the way with its fledgling democracy and growing prosperity. Now it lies on the cusp of civil war, its economy in tatters.

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  1. These types will never stop fighting. They don’t have the brains to sit down and work it out peacefully. This might sound mean, but it’s the truth..Evolution has stopped evolving in some of these countries. No brains.

  2. @hexcane Appartheid was the legacy of Dutch colonial exploitation, just as Indian economic growth has taken place due to the British institution of European class values. Jamaica is another example: Britain evacuated the nation without instating any lasting central government whatsoever.

  3. Rebellion isn’t the product of a well-treated population. If you abuse your people, if you exploit them, they will rise up and take your head. History is full of post colonial decapitation. Best to learn from this, but few do.

  4. @throbule Christianity reached only few kingdoms of noba in north sudan,as you would know it there was 5 kingdoms in what was kush and only 2 took christianity,i should know because this is my area buddy,and even then their christianity was mixed with animist and you wouldn’t call it christianity today,christianity never set foot in somalia you can ask somali’s about that they would love to lecture you about this fact,and to debunk ur theory didn’t paul move to europe and spread paulism there?

  5. We now know (HOW) you get the dirty work done,africans now know the racial western european plot against the blackmen,journeyman we charge you of concilment as you and your scummy alikes’ squeams, and you feel so confortable because you know your parteners are the strongest but not for long, journeyman you are a criminal at the same level as those with whom you work with

  6. @hexcane The result is the Island’s political division into two factions between the 40’s and 60’s and the eventual degeneration into politically sponsored gang warfare evidenced today. To suggest this isn’t a ‘colonial legacy’ is sheer naivety.

  7. A reminder of Christian dominance??? Is he Serious??? He seemed to have an attitude when he said that.

  8. Okaaay…but why won’t he say the "rebels" are really the Arabs. The nubian Africans have a right to defend their country over the Arab muslims who are desperate to conquer the prosperous African nations of West Africa. They will spill their last blood before they let the Arabs claim by genocide what they worked for like the muslims did to Libya and Sudan.

  9. Anyway, the West is always incite conflicts, and never provide solution. People seem to be quite happy to see Africa in eternal chaos. If the North dominate Cote d’ Ivoire in the end, these reporters will sneak into south and make a totally different story.

  10. @KacyJenkins, I’m sure you must have been born and raised in one of these countries you speak of.😒

  11. @throbule That’s a fair call…You don’t like islam and we don’t like people like the solution is to stay in your corner while we do the same,But im just interested if you can tell me how is christianity been in africa for 2000 years???can you tell me where?Because last i checked it was 100’s of years after that and if you are talking about west africa well there was no christians there before colonisation.

  12. @throbule according to stiffs like you somehow coming from muslim geography is enought to label someone as a muslim.
    "shows its true spirituality by kicking the ass of islam, culture and power"
    from your words how can you kick some sort of ideogly without harming believers? Or you are inciting vioelence?

  13. @throbule There is no doubt that Christianity is DESTROYED Africa.

    This death cult political dogma is an abomination on the whole world but it is in Africa where it will eventually die.

    When Africa rises again and shows its true spirituality by kicking the ass of all "organized religion", culture and power the whole continent will

    flourish and will eventually give birth to a new democracy that will spread across the whole world.

    Religion is mental slavery – let us stone it to death.

  14. Holy crap Journeyman Pictures… what’s with the high pitched tone in the soundtrack of the video? Every dog in my neighbourhood was sitting at my front door. It was painful. It’s a shame because it was a really interesting video.

  15. 🙂 watch?v=QHZ3BRpqpPE anyway all this is finished .btw born and raised .you should learn to stop making assumptions on partial infos a profile location does not indicate country of origin.
    bon courage on a plus besoin de paroles de haine en CI

  16. @throbule Go and screw yourself is now 60% was muslim way before christianity arrived,the biggest west african empires were also muslims,Islam is not destroying africa its the new white christianity brand of penetcostal and protestant that is destroying the harmony with its main objective is fighting other religions other than giving its followers the faith it professes.

  17. I lived in this nation during the time of this documentary and saw mobs butcher people with machetes

  18. Unfortunately, while it is undeniable that Islam is the most backward, violent, and intolerant of religions, the worsening catastrophe in West Africa is not just the fault of religion. African nations have a long-standing tendency toward corruption, bribery, economic stagnation and civil war. Decades of foreign aid and investment, as well as instruction on everything from modern agricultural techniques to business have had little effect. My appreciation to Journeyman Pictures.

  19. West Africa don’t play that shit. They are passionate about their freedom. If the Arab muslim towl-heads try to invade they will get their asses handed to them. No more taking over black africa and claiming for themselves like they did Egypt. Point blank period. Also funny how he doesn’t mention who gave the extremists weapons…hmmmm take a guess.

  20. @throbule Christianity Moved to egypt shortly after christ death followed by north sudan,It never reached North africa till the romans introduced it at a later date (few hundred years later) ,Christianity was introduced into ethiopia and eritrea in the 4th century ad and thats about it,somalia was never christian not any other country in africa till colonisation in the 15th percentage wise islam reached far way more africans before christianity unless you object with the statistics.

  21. In the Ivory Coast there are even more muslims than Christians. Uff at least make sure you don´t lie about such things that can be easily found.

  22. @hexcane Not really whites are justas racist as blacks, asians, etc. No race is "more racist" than another. But a person can be more racist than another.

  23. Brain dead Africans, unable to debate their differences around a table but instead they think through the barrel of a gun they can solve everything as if these differences will vanish over the horizon just like when your in a dream.


  24. Your fight Ivory Coast is not with each other! Your fight is for your own survival. Stop fighting each other!!!! Your fight is with the west not Ivory Coast!!


  26. Islam is destroying Africa? loool. It was about election. Why its so hard to accept the result? the president is just a dictator and now he is paying the praise.

  27. we all know its not true and that this conflict is based on our naturl resources and us wanting our freedom from the french power ….. and this dumb ado whos not even ivorian is just their papet … plus laurent gbagbos government is full of muslims and plus from the north kmt

  28. It seems that since they had only their one president (Houphuet Boigny) since the country’s independence, that when he died, the country panicked and scrambled to try to figure out what to do and who to elect as their next president. Sad because the country had lost a much-beloved leader and this, I think also might have caused them to lose hope and direction. Combine these problems with the fact that there was underlying ethnic and religious tensions as well between the north and south..

  29. Because at one time, it used to be part of French West Africa which was appx. the size of the Eastern U.S. There was a region called the Gold Coast (now Ghana) because of the gold found in that region. In the Ivory Coast where there used to be a lot of elephants at one time, used to be popular with hunters for the ivory trade from the elephants they used to hunt. When French West Africa dissolved around 1960, the Ivory Coast (region) became it’s own country and the nationals kept this name.

  30. They are still a young country and are still going through their ‘growing pains’. Most countries have or are going through that at this very moment. Hopefuly, they will sort it out in the years to come.

  31. @throbule try to get more infos about a problem before claiming such retarded stuff. this is not an has never been a religious problem it’s pure xenophobia called "ivoirite". created by politicians to prevent them to run for elections claiming that they are not pure Ivorian because they come from the north.
    you are not any bette r"by posting this" then these stupid backward religious guys who thinks God has a religion .

  32. [Narrator at 10.45 mins)]:…" For many of these men the Army was the first chance to earn a wage…the Ivory Coast has followed most of the rules laid down in the West that is supposed to make economies grow, but these men remain poor and desperate." …the rules formulated by the World Bank and the IMF ?? what a joke. those are the rules that keep men poor. … please, get reel ….Get rid of the international Banks and you get rid of the problem.

  33. Conflict in Africa started in 80’s and has spread like wild fire to all other countries like domino effect. It influenced many other African nations. Ethopia vs Eriteria, Somali, Angola, Serra Leone, Ivory coast, Mali, Sudan, Chad, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Liberia, and Libya. Now how can it be that just during this period they had intense conflicts now I don’t know why but it is strange.

  34. women dead video produced by same CIA & Co operatives that produced in 1994 and 1995 the two videos of the "massacre" of muslims by serbs at the Markale market in Sarajevo.

    As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism (google it) 17 years later the realistic details and the number of videos required can be reduced to a minimum

    ** Google **

    "antichrist unveils his kingdom"~

    First results from 1999 verifiable in webarchive.

    All explained long ago but the beasts refused to believe it

  35. can somebody please ask the african leaders why they always interested in power so much more than their family and the people of their country why im tryinh to say is that whenever their leadership of the country is over and they tell them to leave and they will not than they will let their family get killed and the innocent people in the country will lose their lives and i hope one day the african countries and the middle east they will learn from the USA how to step down for peace

  36. @sartte That is because the blind can not see. True Islamists or Christians would never shed the blood of there Abrahamic brothers. This and all conflict is a result of the Adversary and it’s company of agents.

  37. @BedRoomGangster It is twice i read your posts. "if only africans had the brains to reason…." very well spoken.

  38. @MsAlternativexxx Believe me I know that,but just think about cold war years,people came from communist part of the world consider as "communist" this behaviour well works on today for anyone who cames from that part of the world.
    Some racist working hard to changing hating religion to hating the people born in a certain part of the world.
    Do you think in nazi germany they suddenly feel hate against Jews?It was well calculated and undermined operation they hate religion and rest comes with it.

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