ECOWAS to construct road to aid trade activities in sub region

Four member states of ECOWAS have decided to construct a thousand and 25 kilometre stretch of road by next year.

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  1. I am always laughing at these people. I don’t know how these countries understand things. VISION, ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT. These are the stuffs of which development is made of. They always have VISION, but they lack the two others. As a Twi speaking person will say Yaa ti abr3.

  2. So ecowas wants build Ivory coast and Nigeria.what about Liberia and Sierra Leone where are their roads and bridges?

  3. Corruption will always delay progress in Africa.The ratification of ECOWAS is going to stop βœ‹ corruption.There will be open and clear monetary benefits for each country and promote sustainable development for all ECOWAS region.This is a great πŸ‘ way to stop βœ‹for one Government President or leader to siphon all the countries money fo himself and cronies.Africa is changing and moving towards improvements in every aspects of it’s citizens.The days of corruption and criminality are over and that is why most corrupt governments are protesting against the ratification.??????Corrupt governments should at themselves for all that they have stolen from their own people.??????

  4. we need trains for faster transport inland dry port water pipelines from countries like guinea,liberia and sierra leone to other dry members states and electricity for the entire sub regions get to work people this will help create jobs and fight youth unemployment and also massive agriculture programs for the region.

  5. A borderless African Super State is only a problem for Europeans and the loss of their African interests.

    Africa and her resources are owned by Africans and traded away by feeble and unqualified politicians who make deals that are worthy of infants.

    It is time for the diaspora to join our beloved continent, returning our skills, intellectual capital and resources to build the Pan African Super State that will surpass Israel, the US, Europe and China within a decade.

    Let’s open our borders to Africans and close them to foreigners and thereby guarantee that they pay the correct rate for our resources.

    Our Pan African military must grow at the same rate as our economics and influence as must our intelligence community who must be domestic and international (totally invisible).

    We too must have special forces capable of foreign wet work against those who threaten our sovereign African interests.

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