Ecowas gets new chair as Morocco snubs summit over Netanyahu [The Morning Call]

Much focus at the ECOWAS summit held in Monrovia, Liberia had been on morocco’s petition to rejoin the West African body as a full member, however, political circumstances including a non-African leader that is Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu being invited spun into motion conversations of controversy while at the same time electing a new chair for the body to replace Liberia’s president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.…

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15 Responses

  1. Buhari refuse to go because he knows what to come. Israeli They only interest in Africa is to make sure BIAFRA independent must come and nothing ‘ll stop that.

  2. Africa we are in deep shit as we accept this two dead trap. Both Morocco and israel.african leaders are brainless and visionles.leader that don’t even sense danger are not leader.african leaders don’t even know what is danger.african leaders must watch IDI amin Uganda said Israel not a country or nation to trust

  3. How can Africa invite Netanyahu when he clearly wants to deport Africans? He is no friend to Africa

  4. The time has come for africans to be neutral in the arab/israel conflict. The arabs were the first to enslave africans and still considers africans as slaves in the way they treat africans in arabia. The recent incidents in libya in which african migrants were tortured and sold as slaves is enough to warn black africans that the leopard has not changed its spot.

  5. Morocco should not be allowed to join ecowas because it is not a west african country. It belongs to the arab league and its trade pacts with other regional bodies would be detrimental to the sub region.

  6. Hell no this people are the enemy of Africa this is only for African people don’t believe them

  7. Another problem with morocco is the spanish sahara which it is occupying illegally against a UN resolution in addition to the fact that it is an autocratic monarchy and not a constitutional monarchy. Ecowas leaders should have the courage to deny morocco membership.

  8. Smh…..African leaders are soooo weak, they treat blacks sh.t, they torture the Palestinians, and they sit down with them smh. Isreal sees Africa raising and wants to exploit it.

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