Ebola health checks at DRC-Rwanda border

(19 Jul 2019) Hand washing and fever checks were enforced by police on Friday at the border between Rwanda and Congo after the World Health Organisation declared the deadly Ebola outbreak an international health emergency.
The checks took place in Goma – the city of more than 2 million people where a first Ebola case in this year-long outbreak was announced early this week.
The World Health Organisation confirmed that the 22-year-old fisherwoman woman who died from the Ebola virus did not travel to Rwanda while the disease was transmittable.
The body urged support for the DRC by not shutting the border and putting a travel restriction on the country.
The World Health Organisation’s rare emergency declaration Wednesday night for the second-worst Ebola outbreak in history came after a WHO expert committee declined on three previous occasions to recommend it, to the impatience of some health experts who for months had expressed alarm.
DR Congo’s increased use of soldiers and police could bring objections from some residents and health workers in an outbreak taking place in what has been called a war zone.

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