DRC army preparing to attack Rwandan rebels

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) army says it is determined to finish the job of clearing all armed groups out of the east of the country.

The largest remaining faction is the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR).

The group includes members of the Hutu militia, who have been in the DRC for the last 20 years, that carried out the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

The army says it will attack the FDLR, with UN support, within weeks, if they do not surrender.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from eastern DRC.

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  1. We Africans will never live in peace unless we start solving our problems through negotiations in peaceful manner. Nothing good comes out from war and fighting each other, except destroying our own infrastructure and killing our own brothers also displacing thousand of innocent citizens. Let’s solve this problem in a civilized manner by letting all parties sites in circle table and negotiate on the issues . God bless Mama Africa. 💚💛❤

  2. France is behind this..u no those frensh colonies are not that much wise like English colonies do

  3. The "utopia" that came about after Whites were forced to leave and their land was handed over to these civilized peoples. Why are the French there? Is there a mass surrender in the plans that require the French to show best practices to surrender?

  4. The largest nationals in the world a special leaders God sees you, you kill people for your on benefits.

  5. The most stupid people are eastern African countries
    They thinks everything they should take guns to make it done

  6. Congo’s military needs a complete reform. I am Congolese myself and if we need our country to grow we need to have access to our own resources.

    We have minerals that are used on mobile phones and nuclear. and only a stabilised government and strong/disciplined military can protect us.

    Long Live Congo!

  7. Wake up Africa wake up Africa wake up Africa wake up Africa.

    Why We Africans not waking up??
    14 country’s still paying France 500 billions dollars every year for colonisation taxes,
    Why we not stop that?

  8. African are stupid why fight each other? At least go farms. Those land can be turn into farming crops a bunch of idiot.


  10. Belguim created this outcome, now france army aka UN is fueling it to make local busy so they can steal wealth of congo.

  11. I find it disconcerting that a mainly European contingent of the UN claims that certain African tribes have committed genocide given their history of genocide and slavery themselves. Like the Belgians.

  12. This all started when Belgium colonized the area and specifically distinguished Hutus and Tutsi. Its sad that people kill each other due to outside instigation. When belgium relieved Rwanda to be a independent nation, they fighting started. But before the white man came, there was no such thing as hutu and tutsi. This is only a white man invention. Not saying that the white man is evil but why fight over something that isnt original?

  13. i say let them run there own country with out the EU or america messing around trying to help them they will only blame you for trying to colonize them

  14. Hey keep your mouth shut up there is human rights violation here in Europe because I am in Europe we are seeing what is going on here come back correct your continent first before you will go another continent with your hypocrisies

  15. DRC doesn’t made weapons. Were do they got weapons from??? From France…the interviewer from were ??? Why are they not want to mind their own business???? But I think we africaines should wished Long life to president poutin

  16. they’re so stupid, that’s all. those

    old men and their children. 😂😂😂😂,just laughing you.RWANDA IS STRONG MORE THAN YOU THINK

  17. I am thinking 🇨🇩 stability is hall african preoccupation. Together not fakes gouvment honly?

  18. So why these rebels stay in congo , this has to end now …. they are living in the congo killing innocents people … this isn’t Congolese problem… Rwanda has to end it now

  19. The UN must rule all Africa
    A special worldwide administration under the authority of UN to rule the West Africa if not it s gonna last forever
    Africans are corrupt people
    They don t have aclue of solidarity
    Violence and atrocities rule
    They need people from other continent to rule Africa instead of them

  20. An stupid countries like 🇰🇪 and 🇹🇿 are on the east side of Africa which they acct like the security of Western countries.

  21. Singing, dancing, killing, raping, murdering, looting, corruption, greed, poverty and genocides. This is what DRC is all about. What a shame. It should be a country of prosperity and peace with all the natural resources it has.

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