DR Congo: Ebola fears as the virus spreads

Doctors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have quarantined 15 people in South Kivu province, over fears that they’ve been infected by Ebola.
All of them are members of the same family and had recently returned from the provincial capital city of Goma, where a man died from Ebola on Wednesday.
A third case has now been detected there.
Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports.

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23 Responses

  1. Prayers to the people of Congo. May Gods healing hand wash over every place within your country and his hedge of protection keep you safe.

  2. They need to stop taking aid from other countries such as Europe that’s coming over and knock and letting them with these diseases.. all of this stuff is man-made and you know it.

  3. So he inffected many people on his way?! All helpworkes do not get paid for the jobb they do. Even they lack protections för their eyes and gloves and breath in klorin!!!

  4. Somebody out there is killing black society and we have spoken about this issues many times of so called Ebola and Aids. poor black people will be finished if the black leaders don’t care about their people.

  5. Aren’t people curious how a country with the most reserves worldwide of minerals essential for making mobile phones and computer batteries is always infested with civil wars and diseases??? Someone wants Congo to stay backwards forever as they keep stealing their resources free of charge

  6. So sad believe this is a biological weapon out of control and may be the book of Revelation event that kills 1/3 of the world’s population 😳

  7. Ebola, HIV and other viruses are made in laboratories and that is beyond debate. The only way to rid Africa of Ebola is to rid Africa of whites who are injecting them with it. The evidence is super overwhelming and it shows how coldblooded white power really is.

    They infused Black areas in the US with crack cocaine, they used bio weapons on the Indians, they injected STDs into Latin Americans…They created HIV. Look any of this up and it will show up as to who is doing this to Africans.

  8. Ah this will be the end of us some day, 4 cases already and we don’t know who’s going in and out of that country.

  9. ZOMBIE apocalypse is coming to America.
    I need to know what to do when a man with bleeding eyes is kicking my door in . DO I SHOOT HIM. DO I HELP HIM , DO I LET HIM IN . WHY WONT ANY ONE TELL US WHAT TO DO.

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