DISCUSSION: Zimbabwe sanctions impact

* SABC REPORTER Ephert Musekiwa joins us now for a live update on the Zimbabwe sanctions march.

* For analysis on the Zimbabwe sanctions, we are joined in studio by Kennedy Mandaza, South African spokesperson for ZANU PF and political analyst, Dr Pedzisau Ruhanya.

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50 Responses

  1. If he wants sanctions gone just so he can travel with his friends and waste money. He should do what the USA said and that is to implement reforms.

  2. Corruption is everywhere. Its even worse in Nigeria but its economy was never as bad as Zimbabwe. Sanctions must go

  3. Look at Mandaza s face, it tells you tht he wll go to the grave nekusanzwisisa. He is very happy kuti vanhu veZim varikutambura

  4. Normally I would believe this news but this news reporter isn’t in Zimbabwe, those trees in the background are native to north America and that building in the background would roast a human being because it’s not build so that air can flow though it, not designed for hot climate, thus not reporting live from the African Continent.

  5. Madadza how much are U being paid to throw suffering loitering monadic innocence pple of Zimbabwe,what they did to yu to deserve all D’s what U lieing over them!

  6. Sanctions are being used as an excuse. Zanu PF is just losing power so they now need scapegoats in order for them to stay in power. They are scared.

  7. Mr Mandaza you can’t put a horse before the cart let’s deal with domestic issues then deal with sanctions

  8. Less than 50 000 ZANUPF supporters attended the useless march. The number of supporters who turned up for the event were not enough to fill up a 60 000 National Sports Stadium. They cannot be the voice of the people of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has a population of about 16 million citizens. And the few zanupf supporters that were happy to be handed out 2-piecer chicken-slice and a bottle of fizzy juice cannot speak for the masses. This is an indication that the people have had enough of the lies.

    We want credible, immediate reforms NOW!

    ZANUPF thought by inviting musicians, handing out food, removing toll fees, drag-marching varsity students, school pupils…millions will attend. WE DID NOT. ZANUPF HAS WASTED OUR NATION ENOUGH
    ! You continue to plunder Zimbabwe and then blame your misgovernance on sanctions. You will never use us again as you did in November 2017!

    ZIMBABWEANS HAVE AWOKEN UP. DAMBUDZO AND CREW WERE THE EVIL BEHIND ROBERT. Robert wanted to conceed defeat to Tsvangirai, but they wouldnt allow him in 2008..because they were angling for power. And now they have guns, but they do not have the people.

    RIP brother Hilton, another victim of the regime, another victim of the deplorable state capture in Zimbabwe! Aluta Continua son of the soil.


  9. Ohhhhh pleas STOP THIS BULLSHIT same as here in south africa ..change will come if anc steps down
    The zim gorvenment are just rotten greedy and selfish thieves yazi black people you have a disease that needs cure …if a black man gets power my friend they reveal true character
    Africa is rich …,I’m specifically 345 minerals from A to Z we don’t need Europe they need us
    Just a lame stupid excuse to say sanctions are responsible for all the poverty in the country fuckoff

  10. Murders on our platform uuumm but y is South African allowing D’s mandzadza zanupf witch defiling our platform.y cnt U say e truth n U guys get assistance xaa suka

  11. Zanu pf is literally saying"give us money and we will stop stealing… don’t give us money and we will continue disappearing people, murdering and stealing". You can’t make access to international funds a condition for you to stop being corrupt. Fix your house first, jail the culprits, show your FULL commitment to freedoms of the people and only then, ask for funding.

  12. They are using an imaginary racism to gain supporters because many poor people in Zimbabwe grow up with the idea that other races are causing their downfalls

  13. Are these guys really debating 30 Mins the effect of sanctions? Of course ZANU f***d up by chasing away white people, the only reason Zimbabwe is under sanctions is because it’s a banana republic cause all African countries could be under US sanctions if you look at the reforms required.

  14. it is very hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Mandzadza am a South African but my brother U bringing a curse to your own family coz innocence pple are suffering ,but U stand in a public platform manifesting like D’s indeed U work for e darkworld man srus

  16. So if these sanctions really exist then the answer is simple… President Mnangagwa should simply retaliate by imposing targeted sanctions on President Trump. Its very simple. (sarcasm)

  17. You are a fool Mr Reporter we are sick an tired of this ZANU PF toenda kunoita Marching nenzara tichitadza kudiridza magarden anotiraramisa Zanu must just step down you failed your people nxaa

  18. what have the companies to do with human rights
    the west I’s twisting the arm of Zimbabwe for taking Land

  19. People need to talk not only about ZIDERA, What about OFAC sanctions that have ZIMBABWE blacklisted, that have Government of Zimbabwe listed. when you target a government are you not targeting the nation at large, Everyone is on about ZIDERA, Why is no one looking at OFAC and how it affects nations listed there?

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