Deported from Belgium, tortured in Sudan – BBC News

Last autumn Belgian authorities invited Sudanese officials to identify Sudanese migrants living in Brussels and speed up deportation.

But as reports emerge of torture on return to their home country, has this approach endangered those seeking refuge?

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  1. Sorry معليش يادفعه تعال راجع لي اهلك ووطنك الغالي وأرض الإسلام لا تباع ولا تشتري لا بالزهب ولا بالفضه

  2. Sorry معليش يادفعه تعال راجع لي اهلك ووطنك الغالي وأرض الإسلام لا تباع ولا تشتري لا بالزهب ولا بالفضه

  3. Your incessant guilt tripping has gotten old, and at this point it is only working counterproductively.

  4. Who cares? These blood feuds are just another reason why we DON’T WANT THEM. Sudan is filled with murderous, ignorant, violent semi human debris. GO AWAY

  5. Fuck off….. just fuck off with this shit, letting these people into Europe will result in the same thing they say they are running from, they are savages who can offer us in Europe absolutely nothing…… nothing but trouble.

  6. Sorry معليش يادفعه تعال راجع لي اهلك ووطنك الغالي وأرض الإسلام لا تباع ولا تشتري لا بالزهب ولا بالفضه

  7. The only torture these economic migrants get is the torture of having no benefits in Sudan. It’s only a matter of time before the muslims are the majority. Then the UK will become a islamic republic and we will have sharia terror laws imposed on us.

  8. Their must have been a reason he left sudan, at the time of the video there wasn’t any reason to leave the country

  9. Blazed and confused
    I am fully aware that Spain and the UK have a more similar culture but I wouldn’t say exactly the same,but it doesn’t alter the fact that some of the British are hypocritical who live there and do not bother to learn any of the language ,live in their own communities ,they are in someone else’s country are they not ?

  10. Save our Countries and deport these people right away, they are not civilized and will always use the race card. THINK OF THE FAMILY PORTRAIT. LOOK AT TORONTO CANADA AND GOOGLE NEWMARKET FATHER DISINHEROTS DAUGHTER IN CANADA TO SEE HOW THEY REALLY FEAL ABOUT THEIR HOSTS

  11. The badman
    You are in need of a good psychiatrist and it’s clear for all to see just how poisonous and racist you are as well as sexist towards women as well,you are obviously not capable of rational thought and logic as ,why do I deserve to be raped just because I have some empathy for another fellow human being ,you are an evil vindictive person

  12. I just checked the European stats and their rapists are mostly white Europeans. Stop spreading propaganda to make immigrants seem like criminals.

  13. Sorry معليش يادفعه تعال راجع لي اهلك ووطنك الغالي وأرض الإسلام لا تباع ولا تشتري لا بالزهب ولا بالفضه

  14. Why do none of them stick around to defend their people? Is this a lack of patriotism, or just cowardice? And what of the government?

  15. yeah why not find refuge in the middle east? majority of the middle east is muslim and sudan is 97%…yet you want to goto a christian majority country

  16. Belgium has no duty towards these people.Its sad to know what happened to him but why to blame Belgium it’s sudanaese govt fault if they have any govt at all. Europe has no responsibility towards mess in middle East.

  17. Sorry معليش يادفعه تعال راجع لي اهلك ووطنك الغالي وأرض الإسلام لا تباع ولا تشتري لا بالزهب ولا بالفضه

  18. "I came to Europe for protection, not to be put into jail".

    ^ Pity you crossed over loads of safe countries to get to rich ones, you’re entitled to nothing from anyone after you turn down a safe country.

  19. Phil dobson
    They are not all invading criminals, but a number of people on this post are clearly racist about anyone who has a different skin colour

  20. Why are they oppressed oh I bet the government took their right away to defend themselves with guns.

  21. If the president is wanted then whats their connection with him ?!! He is located in the main city of Sudan and the people in Khartoum which is their main city are safe in such area …I’m sure Belgium did its correct choice due to the fact they had no evidence they are being abused in Sudan and didn’t give any correct information to the Belgian athourites. Belgium should do proper search on who they accept in Belgium. Plus why Belgium ?? Why they didnt stay in a country close by ? They all just want to get benefits. They think that the information they give wont be investigated in Belgium?!.. ofcrs they can find any small details and even find lies that was given to the immigration in Belgium that’s the cause of their deportation.

  22. These are the sort of people we have to let in! Those in real danger. How ironic that such a key EU country is so closed to taking in refugees.What happened to their plan?

  23. James Thom
    In whos’ opinion is the USA the most comfortable place to live !and they are hardly blameless have enough problems there yourself in different ways ,never mind Europe. If you imagine genocide or exploitation is helping someone to pull themselves up then you must have a strange idea of that then.

  24. No European country or any other country has a right or duty to protect migrants. He was deported for a reason…..

  25. Yawn…..BBC daily refugee "pity-pot" vid.  Eventually these guys are going to need to stay home and change their countries for the better; by force if need be.  Europe can only absorb so many.

  26. Southside juvy
    I know they don’t have any compassion for people ,I’m white but I’m disgusted by some of the vile comments on here and how racist some of these people are.maybe some of them should be in his position and see how they would like it

  27. I have tried to contact the Belgian embassy for the last years and I don’t even have the right to a answer back ! Where is the press freedom in Eindhoven, the Netherlands ? A german national named Rudiger Hartling(a contact of weitz and compagnie) told me some time ago that I should not go to the police but should instead go to the media,. I have tried to contact the media in Eindhoven for the last years but they refuse to hear my story,…. The funny thing is that in the 90’s I was phoned by a journalist from and he was asking if he could come to my office to see what I was doing with the virtuality systems. So I invited him to come,… I gave him a demo with the virtual glider over a part of the city center, train station in Eindh-oven. So I find it really strange and discriminating that when I go there to present them something they are not interested in speaking to me,…. What a bunch of hypocrites and puppets, maybe next time I will pay,. them a visit I will paint myself black,….. . … .. . …… .. . . . .. … . ..

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