'Deepanjan Charitable Trust'P & 'Lions Club Delhi' celebrated 'International Yoga Day 2019'

Vijay Dev Chief Secretary Delhi inaugurated ‘Yoga pe charcha’ to commemorate International Yoga Day with special attraction ‘Facial Yoga by Dermatologist Dr Deepali Bhardwaj’

Deepanjan Charitable Trust in association with Lions club Delhi Veg celebrated International Yoga Day 2019 today. Over 200 people participated in the initiative at Lodhi Garden with the aim to showcase the importance of Yoga, a physical, mental and spiritual practice originated in India. Embassy of Vietnam participated as country partner for the event. Diplomats of Vietnam, Burkino Faso and ex Ambassador of Venezuela too participated in Yoga.

The yoga session was led by renowned Dermatologists and founder of Centre For Skin And Hair Clinic, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj and Celebrated Yoga Guru, Shri Yogacharya Mishra.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Vijay Dev The event witnessed support and participation from leading names including Ms. Rashmi Singh (Secretary NDMC), Mr. Seshadri Chari (Senior BJP General Body Member), H.E. Pham Sanh Chau (The Ambassador of Vietnam), Hon’ble MP Mr. Manoj Tiwari who is also State President He spoke about how yoga has made his life balanced and complete, while, Ms. Rashmi Singh enlightened on how they stay fit amidst heavy duty work. Mr. Seshadri Chari spoke on how Yoga helps in leading a complete life and appreciated PM Modi’s grand initiative.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, said ‘Yoga has been practiced in India for centuries and is considered almost 5000 yrs old in the Indian history. In the recent times, this unique form of meditation has gained tremendous popularity in the western world owing to its benefit on the overall wellbeing. The initiative our PM took three years back to give ‘Yoga’ its due share of acknowledgement has been a great move. Today this unique meditation form has become an integral part of people’s life and now attracts the newer generation as well. Together with our partners we look forward to take this tradition to newer places and wider audience.’
The event was concluded with an hour long “Yoga par Charcha” to share knowledge about importance of yoga, its various forms and how it can help in combating various health conditions. Mr Gaurav Gupta Lions President Delhi Veg and a famed philanthropist and social activist helped not only in bringing partner countries and several diplomats to the event he also did yoga with his wife Mrs Ritu Gupta full protocol of Ayush Yoga.

The group headed by Deepanjan Charitable and lions group
also deliberated on ways to encourage more people to adopt the practice and how a modernised approach can help in attracting the young generation. Lot of socialites were seen practising yoga like Ms Shivani Chawla , Priyadarshini, Educationist Ms Priyanka Luthra and social activist Dr Sunita Godara who is also a Global Ambassador of Peace for World Yoga Community affiliated with the UN.
Facial yoga in which Dr Bhardwaj combined science of ageing and facial yoga explanation and how it can help in reversing ageing and also preventing further lines and wrinkles deepening and keep the brain more active by pushing the blood to flow more upwards were a great hit and easy tips to do even while driving your car and can be added in everyone’s lifestyle.

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