Cyclone Idai: Race to rescue victims still underway in Zimbabwe | DW News

In the aftermath of Cyclone Idai, the homeless, hungry and injured in Zimbabwe are looking for the dead and the living under rocks and rubble strewn through the landscape by wind and water in the communities hit hardest by the storm and the severe flooding it caused.

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  1. More weather wars. Ridiculous Caucasians are ceasing to exist and they most wreck as much havoc as possible before they become exinct. Lol

  2. 491
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  3. Your corrupt government cannot afford to carry DNA tests yet they brag about the highest educated in the Continent.

  4. they should have some savings apart from monthly income, I know this is not right, there is no insurance, no investments for the future or the old age, people just see their entire networth eroded due to one act of nature. It’s not right, if it were me i would lock myself up in the room if confronted with such situation and i had nothing for myself.

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