Correct the Mistake, Repatriate

Correct the Mistake, Repatriate: The Defenders of the Truth discuss and introduce what you can do as a member of the international community to assist in the successful repatriation of Dr. Malachi Z. York for the Republic of Liberia from the United States back to his home of naturalization. [librevideojs_video url=”” code=”webm” skin=”mixteal”][/librevideojs_video]

Malachi York Foundation Seeks Liberia’s Support to Free Their Founder.

Written By: David Menjor Read original article: LIBERIAN OBSERVER  The Malachi York Foundation has appealed to the Liberian government to reengage the U.S. Judicial system in the Middle District of Georgia to release its founder and chief executive officer, Dr. Malachi Z. York. Saqar Ahhah and Den Tut Rayay, both from the Foundation based in […]